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Self pbs gov pk Registration Online Portal Login The application process is now open. Mardam Shumari 2024 Online registration – 7th Self Emulation Register 2024 Digital Census Self-Enumeration Portal is available for download from February 2024, to March 2024. visit the link to create your account. Click on the Register or sign up button if you are registering for the first time. Please carefully complete the Registration form. you can get Complete detail about self-PBS registration on this page.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is responsible for compiling and disseminating accurate and timely statistics on different socio-economic aspects of Pakistan. In 2024, PBS will launch an online registration system that allows individuals and businesses to register on their websites. We will be discussing how to register on the PBS website and the benefits that you can get by doing so.

What is PBS?

The national statistical agency of Pakistan is the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). It collects, compiles, and distributes reliable and timely statistics on different socio-economic aspects in Pakistan. The PBS offers data to the government, businesses, as well as the general public that aids in decision-making.

Why PBS Registration is Important?

Registering with the PBS is vital because it allows the government to gather accurate and reliable information on Pakistan’s socio-economic conditions. Businesses and the government use the data collected by PBS to make informed decisions. Registration is important as it allows individuals and businesses to gain access to various government benefits and services. 2024 Date

Register online for the 7th Digital Self Enumeration Drive at the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics PBS Website The digital census was extended, with the counting continuing from March through April. The census was broken into blocks. The first block is from March to March, while the second covers 6 March to April. The 11th of March is a rest day. The immigration process will be in full swing from March through  April. Teachers who are responsible for taking censuses will be asked to update their lists and their immigration applications. This will ensure that both applications are updated correctly

Important Date

  • Registration Start: February 2024
  • Last Date: March 2024

Self pbs gov pk Registration Online 2024 | Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Self pbs gov pk Registration Online

How to Self pbs gov pk Registration Online?

In 2024, the new online registration system for PBS is scheduled to go live. It is expected that registration will be easy and intuitive. These steps will allow individuals and businesses to register.

  • Visit the PBS website at
  • Register by clicking on the button
  • Please fill in the information required (personal or business details).

Register Now

  • After the registration has been approved, both individuals and businesses can access various government benefits and services.

How to log into the Self-Enumeration Registration Portal 

Log in to the Self Enumeration Portal Login. This portal was created to simplify registration for Pakistani citizens. This portal is a Pakistan Bureau of Statistics project. Its primary purpose is to create a current database of Pakistani citizens. You can register online and you can log in whenever you want. These are the steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Login” button
  • To get a password, enter your email address
  • Click on the “Login” button

Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan

The 7th Digital Census Pakistan’s Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan was created exclusively for this purpose. You can access it at It will be available only from the February through the March 2024. It is designed to make self-enumeration easier. In the event of language barriers, you can switch to Urdu using the option.

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Self Enumeration Registration Deadline

The self-enumeration deadline is March 2024. Candidates can register online using the self-enumeration portal February 2024.

Www Self Enumeration Web App Registration

The Communal Housing holds include institutions such as the hostel, jail madrasah and rehabilitation center orphanage. This is a very convenient way for every member of the household, as well as his family, to sign up.

Sr. No Self-Enumeration Portal Pakistan Action
1. Register/Create Account Click Here
2. Portal Login Click Here

 Mardam Shumari 2024 App Pakistan

Mardam Shumari, also known as the Census, is an important and detailed process that allows a country to determine its demographic data. According to the government, the last Pakistani census was taken in 2017. The next one will take place in 2024. Get the Pakistan self-enumeration app for free Self-Enumeration

Each Pakistani citizen now has the chance to participate in the 7th Digital Census using a new concept called Self-Enumeration. To do so, visit If you are registering for the first time, simply click the Register/Sign-up button. Careful filling out the registration form is crucial.

 How to Download the Self Enumeration App for Free  

These instructions will help you download the self-enumeration app.

  1. Use the Play Store app on your phone first
  2. In the Play Store’s search field, type “self enumeration app download”
  3. Google Play’s first app, the 7th Digital Census Self Enumeration App (created by PBS), is available on Google Play.
  4. Click the “Install” button to start the self-enumeration app.
  5. Once the self-enumeration program has been installed correctly, click the Register button.
  6. Please enter your family information correctly.
  7. After you have completed the self-enumeration registration click the submit button.
  8. Visit for more information. registration 2024

To enroll for self-enumeration with the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, please access the official website at Self pbs gov pk registration online 2024 login. Upon reaching the website, select either “Register” or “Sign up for first time registration” and proceed to complete the registration form. Subsequently, an OTP will be sent to you to finalize the registration process. It is important to note that this self-enumeration service is a component of the 7th Population and Housing Census, marking Pakistan’s inaugural digital census.

Benefits of Self pbs gov pk Registration Online

Registering on the PBS website has many benefits. Below are some of the benefits:

Access to Government Services

Individuals and businesses can register on the PBS website to gain access to various government services. These services include tax registration and business registration.

Accurate and Reliable Data

PBS data is reliable and accurate. Individuals and businesses can register on the PBS website to contribute to the reliability and accuracy of the data.

Policy Making

The government uses the data collected by PBS for policy-making purposes. Individuals and businesses can register on the PBS website to contribute to the government’s policy-making process.


Businesses can use the data collected by PBS for planning purposes. Businesses can register on the PBS website to access reliable and accurate data for planning purposes.

Advantages of the New Online Registration System

PBS’s new online registration system in 2024 will make registration easier for both individuals and businesses. There are many benefits to the new system, which we will discuss below.


Online registration will make it easier for both individuals and businesses to register. They won’t have to go to PBS offices or complete lengthy paperwork. They can now register online from their offices or homes.


Individuals and businesses will be able to save significant time with the new online registration system. The online registration system will eliminate the need for them to stand in long lines or undergo a lengthy approval process. It is expected that the system will be efficient and quick, which will reduce the time for all parties.


Online registration will eliminate the possibility of making mistakes and making errors that could occur in manual registration. The the system will include validation checks that will verify that all information is correct and complete.


Online registration will be easier than manual registration. Individuals and companies will be able to track their registration status and receive updates about any changes or updates in real-time.

Potential Challenges

Although the online registration system will have many advantages, there are still potential problems that must be resolved. Below are some of these challenges:

Technical issues

Online registration systems may experience technical problems such as slow website speeds, server downtime, or other technical glitches. These problems can cause inconveniences to users and impact the system’s efficiency.

Security concerns

Individuals and businesses will need to enter sensitive and personal information when registering online. This includes contact information and business information. If the system isn’t secure enough, this could pose a security threat.

A lack of awareness

Individuals and businesses may not be aware of the new online registration system. This could lead to low adoption and low usage.

Self Enumeration Registration Contacts Number

  • Address:Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Plot # 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Fax No. : +92-51-9106556
  • Email: [email protected]


Can I register on the PBS website if I am not a Pakistani citizen?

The PBS website is only for Pakistani citizens.

Is the registration process free of cost?

Yes, registration is completely free.

Can businesses register themselves on the PBS website?

Yes, you can register your business on the PBS site.

What information do I need to provide during the registration process?

Depending on the type, you will need to enter personal or business information.

Can I register for multiple services through the online registration system?

Yes, you can register online for multiple services.

What is the expected launch date of the online registration system?

Online registration is expected to be available in 2023.


Registering on the PBS website helps the government collect reliable and accurate data about various socio-economic factors in Pakistan. The government, businesses, as well as the general public, can access the data from the PBS website, which aids in decision-making. Individuals and businesses must register to be eligible for various government benefits and services.