AIOU Assignment 2023-2024 Spring Autumn PDF Download Matric, FA, BA, MA, MPhil

The AIOU Assignment 2023-2024 Spring Autumn is a vital resource for Allama Iqbal Open University students participating in Matric, FA, BA, MA, and MPhil programmes. These assignments, provided in PDF format, play a crucial role in the learning process and evaluating students’ knowledge and skills. They enable students to apply their acquired knowledge and showcase their proficiency in the course content. Covering a wide range of subjects and topics, these assignments allow students to demonstrate their capabilities and receive appropriate grades. By easily accessing the assignment PDFs specific to their respective programs, students can ensure they have the necessary materials to successfully complete and submit their assignments.

Overview of AIOU Assignments

Allama Iqbal Open University is Pakistan’s largest educational organisation, providing home-based education to millions of students, both male and female. Assignments are an important aspect of AIOU educational programmes since they measure students’ understanding and knowledge. The amount of assignments varies according to the degree programme, and it gives a perfect opportunity for students to achieve good grades by adhering to the standards and properly completing the assignments.

AIOU Assignment Schedule Autumn/Spring 2023-24

No. Of Assignments Last Date of Assignment Submission
1st Assignment Last Date 30th November 2023
2nd Assignment Last Date 20th December 2023
3rd Assignment Last Date 20th January 2024
4th Assignment Last Date 20th February 2024

Importance of Following Assignment Guidelines

It is critical to remember certain crucial aspects in order to excel in your AIOU tasks. First and foremost, make certain that the deadline for assignment completion and submission is met. The deadline for submitting your tasks is crucial, and on-time submission is strongly advised to avoid any unfavorable effects. We recommend that you visit our portal on a regular basis to stay up to date on any adjustments or extensions to the deadline or assignment criteria.

AIOU Assignment Last Date

The first assignment for the B.Ed course must be submitted in full by August 2024. The second assignment was due on September. The first full course in the BS and B.Ed programmes must be submitted by August, 2024, and the second course must be submitted by September . Complete and turn in your homework by the deadline.

AIOU Assignments Schedule 2023-24 Matric, FA, BA, MA, MPhil

Welcome to our detailed reference to the AIOU assignments programme for 2023-24. If you are an Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) student looking for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the assignment timetable for various programmes, you’ve come to the right spot. In this post, we will offer you with all of the information and guidance you need to submit your assignments on time and with good grades.

AIOU Assignment 2023-2024 Spring Autumn PDF Download Matric, FA, BA, MA, MPhil

AIOU Assignment 2023

AIOU Assignments Schedule for 2023-24

Throughout the year, the Allama Iqbal Open University follows a set timetable for assignment submissions. The assignments are separated into two semesters, Spring and Autumn, and each semester has different deadlines for different programmes. The assignment calendars for the various degree programmes offered at AIOU during the Autumn 2023-24 semester are provided below.

2023-24 AIOU BA Assignment Schedule

The AIOU has announced the most recent assignment submission timetable for students participating in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme for the Autumn Semester 2023-24. Please adhere to the timeline stated below to ensure timely submission of your BA assignments:

Schedule of AIOU Assignments for Other Programme

In addition to BA, Matric, and FA, Allama Iqbal Open University provides B.Ed, BS, MA/MSc, MEd, M.Phil, and PhD programmes. The following are the assignment schedules for various programmes for the Autumn 2023-24 semester:

How to Download AIOU Solved Assignment Spring Autumn 2023-24?

We want to make your learning experience as easy as possible. Follow the procedures below to obtain and download AIOU solved assignments for the Spring and Autumn 2023-24 semesters:

1.Navigate to the “Assignments” area of official website.
2. Select your programme from the list, such as Matric, FA, BA, BS (Hons), Associate Degree Programme (ADP), BSc, B.Ed, MA, MSc, or M.Ed.
3. Choose the course code and assignment number for which you require the solved assignment.
4. Use the links provided to obtain the AIOU solved assignments in PDF format.

Why Are AIOU Assignments Important?

AIOU solved assignments are extremely important to your overall academic performance. They provide a forum for you to demonstrate your understanding of the course subject as well as your analytical and critical thinking abilities. These assignments are intended to supplement your learning experience and allow you to put what you’ve learnt into practise.

Furthermore, AIOU gives these tasks a high weightage, generally accounting for 30% of the overall grades for each course. As a result, it is critical that you pay close attention to completing and submitting your projects on time.

Due Date for AIOU Assignments

Each semester, Allama Iqbal Open University establishes a deadline for the submission of AIOU solved assignments. The deadline for assignment submission is set at the beginning of the semester, giving students plenty of time to finish their assignments. It is critical that you meet these dates in order to prevent penalties or negative impacts on your marks. Check the AIOU assignment schedule to stay up to speed on the submission deadlines for each course.

Where Should AIOU Assignments Be Submitted?

After you have finished your AIOU solved tasks, you must submit them to your designated tutor. When you enroll at AIOU, you will be allocated a tutor for each semester who will help you throughout your academic journey. Your tutor will give you their contact details as well as the place where you should send your assignments.

If you are unsure about your tutor’s contact information, you may quickly locate it by going to the AIOU Tutor Search portal on the official AIOU website. Your tutor will review and grade your assignments after you submit them. The assignment grades will then be forwarded to the university and published to your AIOU account, where you will be able to see and review them.

Solved Matric Assignments by AIOU 2023-24

Please download the assignments below according to your course code and assignment number. AIOU Solved Assignments for Matric Class are provided.

Course–Code Book Name Assignment No 1 Assignment No 2 Assignment No 3 Assignment No 4
200 Selling Of Home Made Products PDF PDF PDF PDF
201 Islamiat PDF PDF PDF PDF
202 Pakistan Studies PDF PDF PDF PDF
203 General Science PDF PDF PDF PDF
204 Urdu For Daily Use PDF PDF PDF PDF
205 Arabic PDF PDF PDF PDF
209 General Home Economics PDF PDF PDF PDF
215 Education PDF PDF PDF PDF
219 Home And Farm Operations Managements PDF
241 Islamic Fiqh PDF PDF PDF PDF
251 Ethics (For Non-Muslim) PDF PDF PDF
257 Fruit Production PDF PDF PDF PDF


Course-Code Book Name Assignment No 1 Assignment No 2
206 Family Health And Care PDF PDF
207 Compulsory English – I PDF PDF
208 Garment Making – I PDF PDF
210 Garment Making – II PDF PDF
211 Poultry Farming PDF PDF
212 Maintenance Of House Hold Electrical Appliance PDF PDF
217 Food And Nutrition PDF PDF
218 First Aid – I PDF PDF
220 First Aid – II PDF PDF
221 Compulsory English – II PDF PDF
222 Applied Food & Nutrition PDF PDF
242 Seerat-E-Tayyeba PDF PDF
246 Arabic PDF PDF
247 Mathematics – I (Urdu) PDF PDF
248 Mathematics – II (Urdu) PDF PDF
252 Lab Techniques In Physics PDF PDF
253 Introduction To Livestock Management PDF PDF
254 Livestock Production PDF PDF
256 Vegetable Growing PDF PDF
258 Lab Techniques In Chemistry PDF PDF
259 Lab Techniques In Biology PDF PDF
260 Information Technology Basics (Urdu) PDF PDF

Intermediate Assignments Solved by AIOU 2023 FA

Please download the assignments based on your course code and assignment number from the list of AIOU Solved Assignments for the Intermediate (F.A/ICS) class below.

Code Book Assignment

No 1


No 2


No 3


 No 4

303 Iqbaliat PDF PDF PDF PDF
308 General Science PDF PDF PDF PDF
309 Arabic PDF PDF PDF PDF
311 Book Keeping And Accountancy PDF PDF PDF PDF
312 Education PDF PDF PDF PDF
315 Economics PDF PDF PDF PDF
321 Muslim History Of Sub-Continent PDF PDF PDF PDF
343 Islamiat (E) PDF PDF PDF PDF
346 Principles Of Commerce PDF PDF PDF PDF
372 Criminology PDF PDF PDF PDF
376 Human Rights PDF PDF PDF PDF
388 Penology PDF PDF —– —–
389 Quran-E-Hakeem PDF —— —– —–


Course–Code Book Name Assignment 

No 1


 No 2

301 Daftri Urdu PDF PDF
305 Rural Development PDF PDF
313 Dairy Farming PDF ——
316 Islamiat PDF PDF
317 Pakistan Studies PDF PDF
319 Ethics PDF PDF
322 Secretarial Practice PDF PDF
327 Farm Machinery PDF PDF
328 Improved Methods of Oil Seed Crops PDF PDF
329 Jadeed  Zarat PDF PDF
330 Child Care And Development PDF PDF
342 Improved Methods Of Fruit Production PDF PDF
345 Home Management And Home Furnishing PDF PDF
347 Banking PDF PDF
349 Plant Protection PDF /
355 Consumer Textile PDF /
356 Food And Nutrition PDF PDF
357 Health And Nutrition PDF PDF
358 Apparel Design PDF /
360 Information Technology Applications PDF PDF
363 Urdu – I PDF PDF
364 Urdu – II PDF PDF
365 Health in Family and Community / /
366 Action for Health PDF PDF
386 Compulsory English – I PDF PDF
387 Compulsory English – II PDF PDF
394 Statistics – I PDF PDF
395 Statistics – II PDF PDF
1307 Math – I
1308 Math – II
1309 Math – III
1339 Basics Of Accounting PDF PDF
1340 Business Accounting PDF PDF
1345 Principles Of Commerce PDF PDF
1346 Commercial Accessories PDF PDF
1347 Commercial Geography PDF PDF
1349 Introduction To Business Mathematics PDF PDF
1348 Introduction to Economics PDF /
1350 Introduction to Business Statistics PDF PDF

AIOU Assignment Question

In a PDF file, AIOU completed spring 2023 assignment is available. These assignments include questions from the syllabus that you were given by your teacher or tutor. You are responsible for solving problems on your own, or you can use this platform for assistance if you are having trouble. You finish it and then submit it.

Your teacher grades you after checking. We have almost all level-specific assignments that have been solved. They are available on our website.

AIOU B.A. Assignment 2023 Solved

Please download the assignments below according to your course code and assignment number. AIOU Solved Assignments for Bachelor Programmed (B.A./B.Com.

Course-Code Book

Assignment  No 1

Assignment No 2

Assignments No 3

Assignments No 4

402 Economics PDF PDF PDF PDF
405 Iqbaliat PDF PDF PDF PDF
406 Economics Of Pakistan PDF PDF PDF PDF
407 Modern Muslim World PDF PDF PDF PDF
408 Arabic PDF PDF PDF PDF
409 Commercial Geography PDF PDF PDF PDF
411 Sociology – I PDF PDF PDF PDF
412 Social & Cultural Anthropology PDF PDF PDF PDF
414 Demography PDF PDF PDF PDF
419 Education PDF PDF PDF PDF
422 Organizing Library Resources PDF PDF PDF PDF
423 Library Services PDF PDF PDF PDF
426 Pakistani Adab – II PDF PDF PDF PDF
429 Mass Education / Literacy PDF / / /
430 Principles Of Journalism PDF PDF PDF PDF
436 Seerat – E – Tayyaba PDF PDF PDF PDF
437 Islamiat (E) PDF PDF PDF PDF
458 Community Development PDF PDF PDF PDF
464 Islamic Fiqh PDF PDF PDF PDF
465 Population And Development PDF PDF PDF PDF
466 History Of Libraries With Reference To Pakistan PDF PDF —– ——
467 Classification And Cataloguing PDF PDF —— —–
472 Quran – E – Hakim PDF PDF PDF PDF
473 Hadith PDF PDF PDF PDF



Book Name



No 1

Assignment No 2

413 Sociology – II PDF PDF
416 Islamiyat PDF PDF
417 Pakistan Studies PDF PDF
427 Pakistani – Adab – I PDF PDF
431 Reporting PDF PDF
434 Iqbal’s Urdu Prose PDF PDF
438 Principles Of Accounting PDF PDF
439 Advertising And Sales Promotion
444 Advance Accounting
449 Magazine Journalism PDF PDF
451 Public Relations PDF PDF
452 Mass Communication PDF PDF
453 Radio Broadcasting PDF PDF
454 Tv Broadcasting PDF PDF
455 Book Editing PDF PDF
456 Business Taxation PDF PDF
460 Mercantile Law PDF PDF
461 Advertising PDF PDF
462 Cost Accounting PDF PDF
463 Fundamentals Of Business PDF PDF
481 Auditing PDF PDF
482 Food Microbiology PDF ——
484 Food And Nutrition PDF PDF
485 Health And Nutrition PDF PDF
487 Child Development PDF PDF
1413 Financial Accounting PDF PDF
1414 Fundamental Of Money And Banking PDF PDF
1415 Introduction to Business Financial PDF PDF
1416 Business Communication PDF PDF
1421 Introduction To Environment PDF PDF
1422 Environmental Pollution PDF PDF
1423 English – I PDF PDF
1424 English – II PDF PDF
1425 English – III —– —–
1426 English Literature PDF PDF
1427 Principles Of Management PDF PDF
1428 Commercial Geography PDF PDF
1429 Business Mathematics PDF PDF
1430 Business Statistics PDF —–
1431 Basics Of ICT (English) PDF PDF
1431 Basics Of ICT (Urdu) PDF PDF

Please download the assignments below based on your course code and assignment number. AIOU Solved Assignments for MA Urdu Class.


Book Name


No 1


No 2

4611 Usool Tafsir and History of Tafsir PDF PDF
4612 Study of Quran Hakim (Surah al Nisa and Surah al Maida) PDF PDF
4621 Usool, History of Hadit hand Textual Study PDF PDF
4622 Textual Study of Hadith PDF PDF



Book Name


No 1

Assignment No 2

4601 Islamic History – I PDF PDF
4602 Islamic History – II PDF PDF
4631 Study of Fiqh PDF /
4632 Study of Texts of Islamic Fiqh PDF PDF
4639 Arabic Language and Literature (Quran & Hadith) PDF PDF
4640 Arabic Language and Literature (Prose & Poetry) PDF PDF

Please download the assignments below according to your course code and assignment number. AIOU Solved Assignments for the MA Pakistan Studies Class.


Book Name


No 1


No 2

538 The genesis of Pakistan Movement PDF PDF
4655 Geography of Pakistan – I PDF —–
4656 Geography of Pakistan – II PDF PDF
4657 Pakistani Languages & Literature – I PDF PDF
4658 Pakistani Languages & Literature – II PDF PDF

AIOU Assignment Spring 2023-24

The Open University of Allama Iqbal FA Assignments Schedule 2023 for the Spring Semester has been made available so that individuals can see when the due deadline for submitting the assignment is closing.

For the Matric, FA, BA, MA, MPhil FSC, ICS, and F grades of the intermediate students at Dar Se Nizami, general arts, business, and science.The Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad gives them all the same deadline for submission.

Therefore, there’s no need to fret or hesitate while learning the expiration date. The most recent information regarding their individual and collective people i.e., AIOU Tutors Letter is being shared with you by

The contact information for their subject teachers’ mobile numbers and addresses, where you can send it before the deadline, is given to us. If you don’t see any dreams about the AIOU assignment’s spring 2023 deadline being delayed, get ready for preparation, 11th and 12th grade pupils.

Writing Guidelines for Assignments
Please read the directions for writing your assignments before beginning.
(Matric,FA,BA,BEd,AD, BS, MA/MSc/M.Phil)
1. 1. All questions are required and are worth the same amount of points, but the points are allocated within each question in accordance with its specifications.
2. Carefully read the question and then respond in line with its specifications.
3. Stay away from duplicating content from books, study guides, or related materials.
4. Assignments that are handwritten and scanned cannot be accepted. The University LMS will accept scanned copies of handwritten assignments in PDF format from students who attempt their assignments in Urdu or Arabic. The file shouldn’t be larger than 5 MB.
5. Before the due date, upload your typed assignments (in Word or PDF format).
6. We will value your own analysis and synthesis.
7. LMS does not allow the upload of late assignments.

AIOU Assignment 2023-24 Autumn

We at AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn 2023-24 work hard to give Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad students the most current and correct solved assignments available. We have you covered whether you’re enrolled in the Bachelor, Class (General Group/Mass Communication)/B.Com/BLIS, or Masters degree. So why are you still waiting? Get your completed assignments today.

AIOU Assignment Marks Autumn 2023-24

AIOU Assignment Marks 2023-24 Autumn & Spring Semesters”The Allama Iqbal Open University of Pakistan depends on the entire results based on your written assignments that were sent to the tutors after he will make the numbered yellow and send it to the university, then her tutor and paper result is combined and the final result is updated on the site, then all of us is checked the online A.I.O.U. Assignment Marks Spring 2023-24 Semester.

You might have figured out what the point of AIOU Assignment Marks 2023-24 Check Here was by now. Therefore, the students are pleased that the University of Allama Iqbal is offering the online option to check their subject-wise and all books code assignment marks viewing in order to give them peace of mind that, if they pass, they will pass the final exams for the program that was chosen for them on the Allama Iqbal Open University’s application form.

Click Here for Checking AIOU Assignment Marks Result

How can I Check the Results of my 2023-24 Aiou Assignments Online?

  1. Open the official site provided below.
  2. Pick a course or program.
  3.  On the following screen, enter your roll number.
  4. Press the submit button.
  5. The results of all tasks will be displayed on your monitor.

AIOU Extends Matric and FA Assignments 2023 Submission Date

Programs Credit Hours Assignment No Revised Date
Matric and FA 03 06 13-9-2023

AIOU Islamabad Contact Number and Address

  1. Phone Number: 051-111-112-468
  2. Address: Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad- 44000, Pakistan
  3. Official Website:

AIOU Matric Prospectus 2023 PDF Download

AIOU Enrollment Result 2023 By Roll Number Matric,FA,BA Spring And Autumn