Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration (Complaint Form)

Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration at official website easily here. The chief minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced the program Zewar-e-Taleem where the government of the Punjab provides contingent cash stipends to more than 498,000 secondary school students in order to inspire them to enroll and attend school. Zewar-e-Taleem Program is the conditional cash transfer to girls in public schools located in 16 districts with low literacy rate.The aim for this initiative is to improve school enrollment and retention and also to address the nutritional needs of students, a need for girls in their teens. 

It is administered using the branchless banking system which was created by PSPA. Rs.1000 monthly stipends will be given to students from public schools at

  • Bahawalnagar
  • Bahawalpur
  • Bhakkar, Chinniot
  • DG Khan
  • Jhang
  • Kasur
  • Khanewal
  • Layyah
  • Lodhran
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Okara
  • Pakpattan
  • Rajanpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan and Vehari districts.

The distribution of funds is done on every year. Funds are released upon receiving an attendance report of at least 80% of the School Education Department. Students in class of 10 are automatically exempted from the Program after the end of the academic term. Students who leave school are also completely exempt from the program.

The students enrolled in schools as a result of annual enrollment drive by School Education Department are getting this stipend upon successful biometric verification.Approximately, 700,000 students have been benefited.

What is Zewar-e-Taleem Program?

The Zewar-eTaleem Program is a federally-funded initiative that provides financial assistance to parents of children with low incomes. It was launched in the year 2019 and focuses on giving financial assistance to parents who are unable to afford the education of their children. It includes all levels of schooling starting from elementary school up to post secondary education.

Zewar-e-Taleem Program

The principal purpose of the Zewar-e-Taleem program is to provide financial assistance to children who live in financial hardship and are unable to pay for their education. The goal of the program is to:

  • Enroll more students in schools
  • Lower the rate of dropout in schools
  • Help to improve education in the less fortunate segments of society
  • Women can be empowered by educating them to their children

How to Check Online Registration for Zewar-e-Taleem Program?

The process of registering on the website of the Zewar-e-Taleem program Zewar-e-Taleem program is simple and easy. Here are a few steps to follow to confirm your online enrollment for Zewar-e-Taleem program:

  • Visit the official website of the Zewar-e-Taleem program.
  • Click on the “Registration” button.
  • Enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button

Once you’ve completed all necessary information After you’ve submitted the necessary information you’ll receive confirmation messages on your phone. You can also check the status of your application through the official website of the Zewar-e-Taleem program.

Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration (Complaint Form)

Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration

Khadam-e-Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Programme 2023 Scholarships

Punjab Government and School Education department have launched the brand new Khadim-e-Alla’s Zewar-e -Tale. This is because the Government of Punjab is working to increase the number of students attending schools and to provide them with an annual stipend as with other services. This is only one of many initiatives that are being taken.

In this scheme the number of educational scholarships is growing. This particular initiative is focused on the less educated districts of Punjab. Rs. 1000 will be distributed each month to female students from the sixth grade through the 10th grade. This scholarship will be distributed to the students at completion of every three months. This huge project has the sum of the amount of Rs. 6 Billion.

Selected Districts for Zewar-e-Taleem Project  

The districts that were chosen to be part of the program are Bhakkar, Qasur, Okara, Lodhraan, Vehari, Pakpattan, Khanewal, Jhung, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Chiniot.

Eligibility Criteria for Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration

Schoolgirls who have greater the 80 per cent attendance rate are eligible to receive the award. Students who return to the same school year are not eligible to be eligible for the award.

Acquiring from Khidmat card

Khidmat card can be accessed quickly from the local service center. Here are a few ways how students can receive the cash scholarship:

You can withdraw money from the ATM of any bank by using the Khidmat card and the code.

The cash can also be taken out of any of the money-repayment centers in close proximity to the Bank of the Punjab using their original CNIC and Khidmat card.

Prescription for Khidmat Card

The cardholder should make sure the credit card won’t be changed

The information on the card must not be disclosed to anyone else. If there is an emergency call to the helpline must be immediately contacted.

Wazar-e-Taleem Complaint Form

If a student is facing problems, she should follow the link to download the entire form.

Wazar-e-Taleem Complaint FormLast Date to Apply

Visit the official website to check last date to apply online. If you’re having problems you can submit a complaint form for Zewar-e-Taleem is available to download and filled out online.

ZTP Payment Check online

Ehsaas Punjab Program 8123 ZTP Payment Check online in 2023 here. Zewar-e-Taleem program is a different contingent cash payment in the Punjab Ehsaas and Punjab Social Security Administration (PSPA) program for female students at public schools within 16 districts with low literacy.

This initiative aims to increase school attendance and retention, and address the nutritional needs of adolescent girls. The industry awards the girls with a scholarship worth 1,000 rupees per month. 1,000 per month, which is paid through the branchless bank system that was developed by PSPA.

Download Online Zewar-e-Taleem Program Application form

Students Zewar-e-Taleem Program Application form download here. Click here to go through the entire details of the program Pspa.gov.pk.

Apply Online for the Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Click the link to Save the program file as well as also the assistance that is for Zewar-e-Taleem program.

Download PDF 

Benefits of Zewar-e-Taleem Program

The Zewar-e-Taleem program offers a variety of advantages to children who do not have the privilege of and their parents. These benefits include:

  • Financial assistance to cover the costs of education
  • Increase in the number of children in schools
  • Reduction in dropout rate in schools
  • The promotion of education for the less fortunate segments of society
  • Women’s empowerment through providing education for their children

Zewar Taleem Helpline Number

  • 0311 11 11 267

Wazir-e-Taleem Punjab Contact Number

  • Address : 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore
  • Phone : 042-99232359-60
  • Working Hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Official Website

FAQs for Zewar-e-Taleem Program Check Online Registration

What is the Zewar-e-Taleem Program?

The Zewar-e-Taleem program is a federally-funded initiative designed to provide financial aid parents of children who are disadvantaged.

Who is eligible for the Zewar-e-Taleem program?  

To be eligible for the programme, the applicant must be in Pakistan in addition to the household income of the applicant must not exceed what is considered to be the minimum threshold of poverty.

How can I check online registration for the Zewar-e-Taleem program?  

You can check your registration online through the official website which forms part of Zewar-e-Taleem. Zewar-e-Taleem application and then entering your CNIC numbers as well as your mobile number.