PST Past Papers Solved PDF 2023 Download Online

Are you a potential candidate who wants to be a Primary School teacher within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)? If so then you need to be aware of the ETEA (Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency) test, which is the required test to be passed for PST selection. For those who are candidates you must be prepared for the test and be aware of the test structure and types of questions. In this post, we’ll examine PST Kindergarten Teacher Primary ETEA Past papers solved pdf 2023 download online.

In KPK In KPK, the ETEA exam is the primary assessment tool to recruit teachers for primary secondary, middle and high schools. The PST test consists of 100 MCQs that cover topics like English, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat, and General Knowledge. The time limit for the test is two hours and passing marks are 50 percent. Examining past papers is a great method of preparing for the test and learn about the format of the questions.

Importance of PST Past Papers

These PST previous papers provide useful sources for those studying for their ETEA exam. They are a precise depiction of the kinds of questions given in the test that allow candidates to prepare and practice according to the test. Additionally, solving past exams can help the candidate identify their weaknesses and concentrate on improving these areas.

What is PST Exam

PST is the acronym as primary school teacher. PST is a term used to describe the PST selection process is conducted by various testing organizations like PTS, NTS and PPSC or FPSC. If we look at the previous tests, then they were mostly held by NTS apart from Punjab. In Punjab following the change in policy in the year 2018, PPSC conducted a PST exam. This PPSC exam is difficult as when compared to NTS.

How to Download PST Past Papers?

PST past papers are available online. PST old papers are accessible online and easily downloaded. These are how-to steps you can follow to download the PST papers in the past:

  1. Visit Google and look up “PST KPK ETEA past papers”.
  2. Click on one of the websites that have the papers from the past.
  3. Search for PST papers from the past and then select the year that you wish to download the papers.
  4. Click the download link, and save the file to your device.

PST Past Papers Solved PDF 2023 Download Online

To make the process of preparing easier for students to make the process easier for them, solutions to PST paper papers from the past are available online in PDF format. The papers contain the answers to the questions. This assists candidates in understanding concepts and increase their problem-solving capabilities.

Below are steps for downloading PST past papers that were solved PDF 2023 online:

  1. Click on Google and look up “PST KPK ETEA past papers solved PDF” 2023.
  2. Click on one of the websites which provide the papers solved in PDF format.
  3. Find your PST Past papers that have been solved in PDF. Select the year you wish to download the paper.
  4. Click the download link, and save the file to your device.

PST Past Papers Solved PDF 2023 Download Online

PST Past Papers Solved PDF 2023

PST Solved Past Papers KPK PDF 2023 Download

The exam for PST to NTS is not difficult the exam is similar to PPSC. However, we will provide the past exams in our article for applicants from all provinces of Pakistan.

PST past papers can help in preparing for the PST exam. We suggest all applicants to study the NTS as well as PPSC past papers as the past papers are crucial. The most important thing to note is that the syllabus of both agencies is similar to tests like the primary School Teacher (PST) test.

Download and read PST previous papers from NTS and PPSC to ensure the best preparation possible and gain an understanding of what types of questions are expected in the test.

We have also added past papers from KPK PST exam. These papers are useful for KPK candidates who are working on the PST exam.

Benefits of Solving PST Past Papers

Answering PST past papers offers a myriad of advantages for applicants. Here are a few benefits:

1. Time Management

Solving past papers can help the applicant to control their time better. They can practice solving papers within the specified time period and increase their speed and accuracy.

2. Familiarity with Exam Pattern

Past papers provide the candidate with an understanding of the test pattern and types of questions. This allows them to be more prepared and to focus on the areas that require greater focus.

3. Confidence Building

Examining past papers increases the candidates’ confidence and decreases anxiety during the exam. It gives them a sense of what they can expect to see in the exam , and also helps them prepare for the test.

4. Identifying Weak Areas

Exams that have been solved in the past help candidates to pinpoint their weaknesses and focus on improving these areas. Also, they can take lessons from their mistakes and avoid them again during the actual test.

5. Improving Overall Performance

Through solving past questions candidates will improve their overall performance as well as improve their chances of passing on the test.

How to Use PST Past Papers?

Here are some helpful tips for using PST previous papers efficiently:

1. Solve the Papers under Exam Conditions

To make the most of past exams, it is suggested to work through them in examination conditions. This is by setting a timer that is set for two hours and completing the assignment within the stipulated time limit.

2. Analyze Your Performance

After having completed the past tests Candidates must analyze their performance and determine the areas in which they require improvement. This will enable them focus on these areas and increase overall performance.

3. Practice Regularly

For a noticeable improvement of their skills, applicants need to practice solving past questions frequently. This can help them improve confidence and become familiar with the exam format and the types of questions.

4. Use Past Papers as a Learning Tool

Past papers shouldn’t be the sole source of information. Candidates should make use of them as a tool for learning and complement their preparation with other resources for study, like textbooks and online sources.

5. Revise and Review

Candidates must review and revise their answers after solving previous papers. This will allow them to make amends for their mistakes and enhance their performance in the actual test.

NTS Solved Past Papers of PST

The department is determined that the National Education System should be useful and relevant to end poverty and maintain development through the provision of high-quality education to everyone Pakistanis and without discrimination which will facilitate the establishment of a society based on knowledge. KPESE mission KPESE is to increase the human capital for Pakistan as a prerequisite to world peace, progress and prosperity.

Primary School Teacher NTS Past Paper 2023
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PST Test Preparation Book PDF 2023 gives all the details about Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa job advertisement, PST job requirements exam schedules, roll numbers slips, past papers as well as the paper pattern for the exam/job and the results. Therefore, make sure to visit this site regularly.

PST Old Test Paper 2023

Dear applicants, if struggle to prepare your self for the PST job test, we can help. Please contact us using the comment box below. We’ll assist you.

NTS PST Past Papers PDF 2023

The secondary and elementary Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the largest of all departments. KPESE boasts more than 1,873,733 employees. It is estimated that 4.381 million students read at more than 27 514 schools with more than 1,42,623 teachers. The department of education in KPK goal is to offer a quality education to all students to realize their full potential. and work to integrate Pakistan within the global framework of economic development that is centered on human beings.

ETEA Past Papers for Free Download Online

Below, we offer ETEA old papers, which are completely free. You can download the papers at no cost or download them in order to read them offline. The old papers can serve as examples and suggestions to help students get familiar with ETEA tests.

STS Solved Past Papers pdf download

Candidates must take a screening test before they can be invited to take an essay of a subjective nature comprising twelve subjects (six that are mandatory and six of them may be opted-out).

Download PST Past Papers pdf

Candidates who have passed the test to qualify will then be called to an interview. This is held at the headquarters of an expert panel composed of military personnel administrators, military officers, and psychologists.

ETEA Past Papers Police Constable

CT Jobs 2023 within KPK, TT Jobs in KPK 2023, DM Jobs in KPK 2023 Qari as well Qaria Jobs within KPK are advertised to fill the vacant teacher positions at the secondary and primary schools of KPK. Elementary and Secondary Education Department KPK has revealed the openings for teachers for 2023. The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA), KPK. High-resolution Version of ETEA Past Papers Solved PDF Format is now available.

ETEA Past Papers MCQS Free Download 2023

A large number of applicants purchase ETEA MCQs books from markets. You can also download the MCQs book of ETEA past papers free without cost. We have collected updated ETEA past papers for engineers, instructors, officers MDCAT, constables, and assistants. ETEA participants can download past papers and the answers to them here. Always be prepared with the most current version of ETEA past papers to ensure you are successful. ETEA is a tough exam for students who wish to be admitted to MBBS or BDS.

ETEA Engineering MCQs test PDF

You can browse this book using your smartphone since it’s available in the format of PDF. Because the book isn’t offered in hardcover, nobody would be able to get it. So, we’ve offered it to download for free. Download it in PDF format. This book can be used to understand the MCQs that will be on the test. It is not necessary to purchase an additional book for teaching. Questions are included for the ETEA test are contained in these set of MCQs which comprise English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. This book has all MCQs which are clear and precisely.

ETEA Past Papers for Computer Operators

Download the free ETEA exam papers using the links below. The exam papers are available to read online for free or downloading to read later. Students can learn more about ETEA tests by using previous documents to provide examples and ideas. The ETEA papers from the past which have been solved using PDF formats are available with higher-quality. ETEA Solved Past Papers concerning fitness and physical education for teachers who have been certified as Teachers, Arabic Teachers are uploaded together with the KPK Teacher Jobs syllabus 2023.

ETEA Past Papers SST General

Candidates are able to get ETEA PST Past Papers that were solved using PDF 2023 formats. Exam Past Papers of ETEA for Teaching Jobs in KPK can be found on this page. Download these ETEA Test Book. Here’s how to get this copy of ETEA MCQS Book in pdf format at no cost. Follow the link below to download. Download SST General Solved Past Papers.

KPESE Contact Number and Address

  • Address :Phase 7, Sector E-8. Street 13 Plot No 22 close to Hajj Complex Hayatabad, Peshawar.
  • Phone #: (+92 91) 921 9078):
  • Email:



Are the PST past papers available for all years?

Absolutely, PST past papers are available for all years, and can be quickly downloaded online.

Can solving past papers guarantee success in the PST exam?

Not really, solving past paper is only one element of the process to prepare. Candidates should also complement their study with additional material and exercise regularly.

Are solved PST past papers available in PDF format?  

Yes the solved PST old papers are accessible as PDF 2023 files online. It contains the answers for the problems.

Can past papers help in time management during the exam?

Absolutely, solving the past exams can help candidates manage their time better and increase their speed and accuracy.

How often should candidates practice solving PST past papers?

Candidates should work on the process of solving PST past papers on a regular basis for a noticeable increase in the performance.


Making preparations for the PST exam is vital for those who are aspiring to become primary school teachers in KPK. Past papers can be solved as efficient way in order to get ready for the test and enhance overall performance. With the availability of old papers and papers that have been solved in PDF format, applicants are able to easily access and practice the questions.