PPSC Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download Online @www.ppsc.gop.pk

PPSC Interview Schedule 2023 this year, the Punjab Public Service Commission has revealed the date for the written exam. This is information regarding the Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC exam date and test schedule that will be in place for February. Anyone qualified when they applied for the job was invited to an interview and then test the applicants who pass through the test will be considered for this position. All of you need to visit regularly for the most recent updates on this site and this information is going to be useful to all of you. We will be updating you with the most recent updates on this site.you can get easily all detail for PPSC Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download Online on this page.

PPSC is a governmental body that conducts various tests and conducts interviews of candidates who pass the written test. The commission has a large expert team that creates the exam written. PPSC handles all tests administered by the government and is responsible for selecting qualified candidates to fill vacant positions.

PPSC Exam Schedule 2023 Written Test Date

Find out more regarding PPSC Written Test Date and Examination Schedule for 2023. Punjab government jobs were advertised in Lahore and the dates for the written test and interview are now being announced by officials. We will share the entire schedule with made public. We will also share the complete date and schedule that has been made public by officials. All of these posts are open in Lahore and candidates from Punjab province are eligible for the job and be part of the job.

We will now provide information on these positions that are currently available. All applicants will receive the job schedule.

Test / Interviews Schedule Download here

PPSC Interview Letter Download

Numerous candidates have passed the PPSC written test, and now they are all waiting for the PPSC interview call letter 2023. We are delighted to announce that your wait will soon be over as PPSC officially release an announcement of the PPSC interview schedule on it’s their website. This is because the Punjab Public Service Commission has scheduled interviews on various dates since some applicants have passed the written exam. How to Pay PPSC Fee Online Challan For Jobs. If you have been selected to be selected for the PPSC interview, do not waste time to start your online interview preparation since the majority of questions are difficult to ask during the interviews.

PPSC Tentative Interviews Scheduled

The PPSC tentative schedule for interviews was announced for a variety of positions that are mentioned in the table. applicants who had been waiting for several days can now check the PPSC tentative schedule for interviews on this page. To facilitate the interview of candidates, we’ve listed the date, time, and location at the the interview will take place.

PPSC Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download Online @www.ppsc.gop.pk

PPSC Interview Schedule 2023

PPSC Interview Schedule 2023 Planner

The PPSC has released its 2023 interview planner for the 2023 interview. Anyone who has completed the written test can go through the planner and determine for which position they were able to apply. The interview planner can then serve as a guideline for an interview. The details regarding the date, time, and location of the interviews will be provided. PPSC interview schedule 2023 Punjab Public Service Commission is available. It is also accessible on this page. When they announce their new interview schedule We will update this page.

PPSC List of Schedule and Interview Dates

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC has announced a date for the examination to be taken for every PPSC Lecturer post. The test date, Test Schedule subject-wise, and any other information you require are will be available here. The Test Schedule online will provide Dates for subjects you are interested in right following the release. Candidates who are applying for Lecturer ships are encouraged to check back regularly for the most current information.

Sr No Post Name Interview Date Month Venue
1 Administrator 25 January Lahore
2 Assistant 23,24,25,26 January Lahore
3 Assistant / Head Clerk 23,24 January Lahore
4 Assistant Director (Field) / Doe / Ddoe 24 January Lahore
5 Assistant Director (Finance) 20 January Lahore
6 Assistant Director (It Software) 24 January Lahore
7 Assistant Director (Stage Management) 24 January Lahore
8 Assistant Director Computer 25 January Lahore
9 Assistant Director Traffic Engineering 25 January Lahore
10 Assistant Gis 24,25,26 January Lahore
11 Assistant Network Admin 23 January Lahore
12 Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 19,20 January Multan
13 Assistant Research Officer 24 January Lahore
14 Assistant System Analyst 25 January Lahore
15 Charge Nurse 19,20,25,26 January Lahore
16 Computer Operator 26 January Lahore
17 Consultant Radiologist 19,20 January Multan
18 Data Entry Operator 19,20,23,24,25,26 January Lahore
19 Estate Officer 25 January Lahore
20 Hardware Engineer 23,24,25 January Lahore
21 I.T. Administrator 25 January Lahore
22 Junior Clerk 20 January Lahore
23 Labour Inspector 25,26 January Lahore
24 Labour Officer 23,24 January Lahore
25 Lecturer Chemistry – Female 23,24 January Lahore
26 Lecturer Chemistry – Female 19,20 January Rawalpindi
27 Lecturer Islamiat – Female 19,20 January Multan
28 Lecturer Islamiat – Female 25,26 January Dg Khan
29 Lecturer Physics – Female 23,24,25,26 January Lahore
30 Lecturer Physics – Female 20 January Sargodha
31 Material Development Expert 25 January Lahore
32 Medical Officer 19,20 January Sargodha
33 Network Administrator 23 January Lahore
34 Principal 23 January Lahore
35 Provincial Management Service 24,25,26 January Faisalabad
36 Provincial Management Service 19 January Lahore
37 Regularization Of Assistant 23 January Lahore
38 Scientific Officer (Agronomy) 23,24 January Lahore
39 Scientific Officer (Plant Pathology) 19 January Lahore
40 Scientific Officer (Statistics) 25,26 January Lahore
41 Senior Registrar Medicine 23,24 January Lahore
42 Senior Registrar Obst. Gynae 20,23 January Lahore
43 Senior Registrar Paediatrics 19,20 January Rawalpindi
44 Senior Registrar Paediatrics 23,24,25,26 January Lahore
45 Support Officer 23 January Lahore
46 System Analyst ((Lump Sum) 25 January Lahore

 Check Online PPSC Interview Letter

Make sure you have the PPSC interview letter before you attend the interview. Management will first review the letter prior to accepting you to stand in front of an interview panel. PPSC Test Result 2023 Check Online Merit List Interview Schedule. Just visit the official website of PPSC and then click on the admission letter.

Check Online PPSC Interview Call Letter Click here.

PPSC Nursing Interview Date 2023

Just a few days back Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC took the test to write Punjab nursing. The commission also released the written test results. Today PPSC will begin sending out Punjab Nursing Interview Call Letter for those who have passed the written exam with a score of 50. Candidates don’t waste time and get Your Nursing Punjab PPSC Call Letter online from this page. For more PPSC Interview Schedule Click

PPSC Exam Schedule 2023

We will update every subject with the announcement about PPSC Examination Schedule for 2023. Candidates will find all the information concerning the PPSC Date sheet 2023. Also, you can find ppsc exam dates, types of exams tests, dates for testing, guidelines, advice admission letter guidelines center details, exam topics, and exam timetables along with other details. You will also receive the latest news and information regarding PPSC date sheets.

How to download PPSC Interview Call Later?

In accordance with the earlier PPSC Interview Schedule, the candidates selected can download their call to interview afterward by clicking the picture below.

  • Enter you CNIC Number
  • Select Posts Name
  • Submit

PPSC Interview Call Letter

In advance of appearing for the interview, make sure you have the PPSC interview call letter , because the moment you enter the interview area, first management reviews the letter before allowing you to appear before an interview panel. Go to the official site of PPSC then click on admission letter.

PPSC Interview Questions 2023

  • Please give an instance of how you distinguished the instruction of a class.
  • How can you accommodate the gifted student within your classroom?
  • How do you deal with students with different reading abilities?
  • Define how you will can meet IEP requirements.
  • What are your thoughts on the inclusion of students in classes?

How many members of the interview committee are in PPSC?  

The panel for interviewing at PPSC typically comprises up to 5 interviewers. One of them is the principal of PPSC One is a psychologist, and the rest of the three interviewers are specialists in their field.

How to enter the interview room for an interview?

When you enter the interview room, following exchanging formal greetings, you’re in a seat, and then the first to speak is the person who will be the focal point of PPSC. Make sure you have a prepared formal introduction to yourself.

In the following introduction and a few more questions about your professional experiences, you’ll meet the subject specialist(s). You may be asked questions about your most loved subject, so the questions are based on that subject and then proceed to other topics.

PPSC Contact Number and Address

  • Address: PPSC Head Office Contact Number and Address
  • Contact Number: 042-111-988-722, 99202752, 99202761, 99202769
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: LDA Plaza, Edgerton Road, Near Aiwan-E-Iqbal, Lahore.
  • Official Website: www.ppsc.gop.pk

FAQs PPSC Interview Schedule 2023

Where is the PPSC interview held?  

Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Sargodha are the major cities where PPSC created examination halls and interview centers

What is PPSC pass mark?  

The total marks for PPSC for recruitment are 200 points. 50 percent marks are accumulated from tests, 40 percent marks are derived from academics and 100 marks are counted in Interviews and the remaining 10% are used for contingent marks, such as the Govt Employee’s son and so on.

How can I check my PPSC Interview date?  

If you’ve not received an announcement via SMS, website, and E-mail about the Exam or Written Test You can confirm your status by calling UAN (042-111-988-722) and PPSC office number 99202761-62 at least three days before the date of Exam.

What is the qualification for PPSC?  

M.Sc. or BS or B.Sc. (four years) or BS or B.Sc. (4 years) Computer Science or Information Technology or Computer Engineering or Software Engineering .

What is the marks weight age of an interview with the Public Service Commission?

The test comprises the mark 275, which is the maximum number of marks in 2025.

What is the passing score in an interview?

It depends. The more times you’ve been recruited for a position previously, the greater the chance of getting a pass ( 30-50%), and the lower you’ve hired for the job before, the lesser the passing rate (10-30 10%). If you are feeling that there’s something “off” in your interview procedure, the pass rate could be a great indicator of the source of the issue.

Why are there 3 rounds of interviews?

The Third interview can be the final chance to prove that you’re the right candidate for the job. Being chosen for the third interview is likely to mean that the company views you as the top candidate However, the hiring committee is still debating on two to three applicants.

How many interviews are selected?

Only 20% Of the Applicants Get to the Interview Round.

If you are offered an offer, you’ll be one of 30.89 percent of the candidates who were chosen.

How many candidates are shortlisted for an interview?

For every 100 candidates, you search for. You must shortlist 12 candidates for an interview. Two of them will be given an offer. One applicant will accept to be able to hire one person successfully.