PIEAS Entry Test Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th Check Online

Access the PIEAS Entry Test Merit List 2024 for admission to BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. degree programs in 2024 at the esteemed Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, situated in Islamabad. Edulearning.pk, a trustworthy online platform, offers comprehensive merit lists for both undergraduate and graduate programs, along with entry test results. If you are an aspiring student seeking admission, you can easily check the PIEAS Entry Test Merit List 2024 for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The institute has officially announced the results for admissions in BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs. To view your PIEAS entry test result 2024, simply enter your roll number or name on the designated page.

August 2024 is the month that will see the announcement of the PIEAS Merit List. Verify Your Name on the PIEAS Merit List 2024 You may see the first, second, third, fourth, and final versions of the PIEAS Merit List 2024 online from this page. Admission to the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Islamabad, both in the Spring and the Fall The results of the PIEAS admission test as well as the PIEAS Merit List for BS, MS, and Ph.D. candidates can be viewed online here. The definitive Merit List for Bachelor of Science programs will be published online after two weeks have passed after the Entry Test, and the Date of Joining PIEAS will be disclosed at a later time. Look here for the results of the PIEAS exam in 2024.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join one of the leading engineering and applied sciences institutions in Pakistan. Stay updated with your admission status and embark on a promising academic journey at PIEAS.

PIEAS Merit List 2024 Date

On the August in 2024, the PIEAS merit list Date will be made accessible on the official website. Interviews for postgraduate admissions will begin on August, 2023, following the outcome of the written test that was taken earlier. Applicants are encouraged to check the website regularly for any updates or further information. The result of the first BS test has been disclosed! Sign in first if you want to check your result right now.

PIEAS Entry Test Merit List 2024 Release Schedule

The PIEAS Merit List for 2024 will be released in different stages, including 1st 3rd, 2nd and a final Merit List. It is an indication of the PIEAS dedication to provide top-quality study and education chances for its pupils. The institute has a team of highly skilled faculty members dedicated to ensuring that students receive the most effective teaching and guidance. The institute also has modern tools and resources that help students to follow their study and academic passions. The process of creating and releasing the lists takes the time of the thorough review of the applicants. The following is the expected release date:

Schedule PIEAS Merit List

BS Merit List Date

  • Final Merit List on :Will be Announced Soon
  • Date of Joining PIEAS: Will be Announced Soon

MS Merit List

  • Final Merit List on: Will be Announced Soon
  • Date of Joining PIEAS:Will be Announced Soon

PIEAS MS Merit List 2024

The 4th Masters Merit List and the Undergraduate Program List of Pending Applicants were both made public today by PIEAS. In spite of this, after a brief period of anticipation (a few days), they will reveal the final merit list for the fourth year. Students can now verify that his name appears on the list of those who earned merit badges for the upcoming fourth year. Students are currently awaiting the publication of the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Islamabad 2024 Merit List I, II, III, and IV after having finished all of the required registration procedures.

PIEAS Merit List 2024 Selected Candidates Check Online

PIEAS Merit List 2023

PIEAS Merit Calculator 

By entering your marks, you will be able to compute both your overall grade and your position on the merit list for PIEAS. You will also be able to locate the merit calculators for all Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees. Here is where we will provide the admission merit lists, waiting lists, self-finance merit lists, reserved seats merit lists, and candidates who have been finally selected for the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

PIEAS Merit Calculation Formula 2024

The merit of each applicant is carefully considered before making a final decision about who will be admitted to PIEAS. Applying the formula shown below allows us to arrive at this conclusion:

The Matriculation (SSC) exam makes up 60% of the PIEAS admission test. Intermediate students (F.Sc. or equivalent) receive 15% of the total marks. Marks Grade: 25 percent

To determine your overall score, simply multiply the points you received on each section by the percentage of the section’s weight that it carries, and then add up all of those individual scores. For instance, if you received 800 marks out of 1000 on the PIEAS Admission Test, 900 marks out of 1100 for Matriculation, and 1000 marks out of 1200 in Intermediate, your score will be:

(800/1000) * 60% + (900/1100) * 15% + (1000/1200) * 25% = Aggregate Score

How to Check PIEAS Entry Test Merit List Online?

To check the PIEAS Merit List online, take these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS).
  • Look for the “Admissions” or “Merit List” section on the website’s
  • Click on the applicable link for the Merit List of the selected academic year, e.g., “PIEAS Merit List.”
  • You will be transported to a new page where the merit list is shown.
  • Search for your name or roll number in the list to check if you have been selected for admission.
  • Save or print the merit list for your reference.

PIEAS 1st Merit List 2024 for BS and MS Programs

Students may easily read her name after clicking on the link that is provided in the table, while BS programs students can check the first merit list that has been released by the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Science PIEAS. The first merit list has been released, and it has been released for the Master of Science programs. In addition to this, the management of the university has made an official request to those candidates who have made it onto the master’s degree merit list.

PIEAS 2nd Merit List 2024 for BS and MS Programs

The PIEAS Merit List for the MS and BS Programs has not yet been released. This is due to the fact that both merit lists are now being processed, whereas the announcement of the first merit list has already taken place. Therefore, after the second merit list has been finalized and approved by the office, it will be published on this page for the benefit of the students who are looking for it.

PIEAS 3rd Merit List 2024 For BS and MS Programs

After what seems like an interminable amount of time spent waiting, the PIEAS 3rd Merit List for MS and BS Programs is about to be announced. Therefore, the days that are to come are going to be very essential for the pupils’ future. Those candidates who are unable or unwilling to attend the meeting will be eliminated from competition.

PIEAS 4th Merit List 2024 For BS and MS Programs

Now that the candidates who are waiting have been given something to do while they wait, the PIEAS 4th Merit List For MA and BS Programs has published a list for those applicants. However, the final 4th merit list won’t be published for a few more days. Students can now view her name on the 4th merit list, which indicates that she is on the waiting list.

PIEAS Closing Merit List 2024

In the year 2024, this page will be updated with the PIEAS Admission merit lists, waiting lists, self-finance merit lists, reserved seats merit lists, and the final selected applications. All of these lists will be for the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences. You can find additional information on the PIEAS Entrance Test Result and Candidate Interview Calls Lists (OPEN MERIT / SELF FINANCE / Overseas Seats) by checking back on this page on a regular basis.

PIEAS Check Online Merit List
Merit List Select Check Online
PIEAS 1st Merit List 2024 BS/MS Check Here
PIEAS 2nd Merit List 2024 BS/MS Check Here
PIEAS 3rd Merit List 2024 BS/MS Check Here
PIEAS Final Merit List 2024 BS/MS Check Here

Merit List for the PIEAS 2024 Exam in Engineering

The administration of the institute distributed the merit list to the students, instructing them to evaluate it as soon as possible before continuing with the seat confirmation procedures. One of the educational institutions in Pakistan with the best reputation is the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This institute, which has been around for several decades and is located in Islamabad, is responsible for providing any and all services linked to engineering and science.

PIEAS Merit List 2024 for Engineering

From this page, you can check online the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Islamabad Admission 2024 Entrance Test Result and Merit List. Candidates who want to get in and are looking for the list of those with the best chances. Complete Undergraduate and Graduate Merit List 2024 AM/PM and Entrance Test Results will be posted here online very soon.

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PUCIT Merit List 2023 Fall Result Check Online

PIEAS Closing Merit 2024 and Merit Calculator

This PIEAS closing merit 2024 is the final aggregate score of the candidate who was admitted to the institution. This is calculated by cumulative score of the most recent candidate admitted to a certain program and/or shift. Since the amount of seats might fluctuate year-to-year the ultimate merits for each program will be varied.

To establish your individual total score and to estimate your possibilities of being approved You can employ our PIEAS Merit Calculator. Simply insert your marks into the boxes necessary (PIEAS Admission Test Matriculation, Intermediate, and a Combined Test) The calculator will give you your overall score.

FAQs About PIEAS Entry Test Merit List

What is the merit of Pieas?

Check out the PIEAS Merit Formula 2024 or the Selection Criteria right here online. PIEAS Admission Test – 60% Matric 15% F.Sc. or ESc. The final selection will be decided based solely on merit, as determined by the PIEAS Admission Test.

How much merit is required for PIEAS?

Students who are awaiting their results are eligible to apply as well. To be accepted into the BS program, you will need to have completed your intermediate or A-level studies with a mark total of at least 60 percent or its equivalent.

How is PIEAS merit calculated?

The performance on the written test that is given for admission reasons by PIEAS or its affiliated Institutions will be taken into consideration, together with the academic performance in Matric/F.Sc or equivalent. The merit will be decided based on this combination.

How do calculate my aggregate to be eligible for PIEAS admission 2024?

In order to figure out how well you did on the PIEAS Admission Test in 2024, you will need to multiply the marks you received on the PIEAS Admission Test Matriculation, Matriculation, Intermediate, and Matriculation by the respective weights assigned to those tests, and then put all of those totals together.

What is the PIEAS Closing Merit 2024?

This PIEAS Closing Merit of 2024 will be the overall score of the candidate who was most recently admitted into the program of their choice and in the shift that they chose. This is the lowest possible cumulative grade that can be taken into consideration for admission.

How do I verify for the PIEAS The Merit List 2024?

You will be able to obtain a copy of the PIEAS Merit List for 2024 by visiting the official PIEAS website and logging in to the PIEAS Admission Portal. Make your selection from the available programmes and/or shifts. After that, you will need to input your name or roll number, after which you will need to click the “Check Merit List” or “Check Merit List” or “Download Now” button.

Contact numbers to inquire about PIEAS the admission process in 2024?

You can get in touch with the PIEAS administration using the contact details that are provided on their website if you have any questions or need any assistance about the PIEAS admission process for the year 2024.


The PIEAS Merit List 2024 is a critical component in the selection process used to choose new students for admission to this illustrious educational establishment. PIEAS ensures that only the most qualified students are accepted into the programs that they are interested in by administering stringent tests and following open procedures. Maintain a current awareness of the most recent announcements, and make it a point to visit the official website as soon as the merit lists become available to the general public. We hope that you have the most successful educational experience throughout your time at PIEAS, and we wish you the best of luck!