PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal Download Online

In this digital age technology and education have a lot in common. In keeping with the current trends as well, it is no surprise that the Punjab Examination Commission is the one to have announced an PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal, an online platform that is designed to increase the efficiency of assessments for education across Punjab, Pakistan. This article we’ll look at how to access the PEC Item Bank system 2023 login portal, as well as how you download online here.

Punjab Examination Commission has scheduled annual exams for students from the 1st through 8th grade beginning in May.PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal online Zoon1 2 Login Online Check District wise. PEC Item Bank downloads online for students from the 1st to 8th grade. It is possible to download SBA examinations in PDF format from this site.

PEC has directed all primary and elementary government institutions across Punjab to follow the Item Bank System. Teachers and students will be given their PEC portal link which will permit them to access the test papers for free which will cover Islamiat Nazra, Math and English and various other subjects. The Punjab government of the Punjab has decided regarding the primary and the elementary tests for the classes ahead of the break in the summer.

About PEC Item Bank System

The PEC Item Bank System 2023 is a project from the Punjab Examination Commission that aims to streamline the assessment process for schools across Punjab. The online system was created to provide a comprehensive examination framework across all grades and all subjects, and ensures that the evaluation of students is done in a fair, standardized and transparent way.

Need for PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal

Paper-based assessments takes a long time and is not effectiveness, which causes slowing down the evaluation process, errors in data entry as well as inaccuracy in scoring. Since the implementation of the PEC Item Bank System 2023 Assessments have been digitalized and standard assessments are now feasible. This system will eliminate the chance of mistakes and inconsistencies and ensures that the assessments are precise and reliable.

Key Features of the PEC Item Bank System 2023

The PEC Item Bank System 2023 is a complete online platform with a variety of essential features, such as:

1.Assessment Framework

The PEC Item Bank System 2023 is an extensive assessment framework for all grades covering all subjects comprising Urdu, English, Mathematics, Science and social Studies.

2.Large Item Bank

The system comes with a massive inventory bank, which ensures that each test includes a distinct set of questions, thereby eliminating chances of cheating.

3.Adaptive Assessment

The system offers an adaptive test, which ensures that the level of difficulty of the tests is altered depending on the student’s performance.

4.Analytics and Reports

The system gives comprehensive analytics and reports, permitting administrators and teachers to evaluate the student’s performance and find areas of improvement.

5.User-Friendly Interface

The system is user-friendly and has a simple interface that makes it simple for administrators and teachers to utilize.

PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal Download Online

PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal

PEC Item Bank Login 2023

Welcom To PEC Item Bank System. PEC Item Bank System. Schools Paper Generation System SBA-2023. Log in to start your school day. Remember me. Forgot password? SBA could be an abbreviation of school-based assessment often referred to as SBA or SBA in its short form. PEC Item Bank System Login 2023 pdf file download on this page. IBS accounts for an account system which allows you to login with PEC Item Bank System Schools.pec item bank system login password.

Grade 7 School-Based Assessment 2023

The students will have the ability utilize their PEC Item Bank System through its Web Portal in 2023. According to the Punjab Examination Commission that was established, the SBA technique will be used for passing exams at schools that offer higher-education in Punjab. PEC Keys to the Item Bank and PEC Item Bank 2023 both provide online access to the material. PEC Item Bank System Login to download and create SBA paper 2023. Assessment for Grade 8 at the school level PDF 2023 with solutions.

Based Assessment 2023 Download Papers

According to the SBA school-based tests will be required. PEC Items Bank 2023-2023 is found here. Punjab Examination Commission has set up an online portal “PEC Item Bank System” that allows access to banks online to help answer questions for exams. Pec items bank paper 2023, including important classes 7.

Download Papers

How to Access the PEC Item Bank System 2023

To use PEC Item Bank System 2023, users must follow these steps: PEC Item Bank Systems 2023 Users must follow these steps:

  1. Check out the official web site for the Punjab Examination Commission at
  2. Click on the “Item Bank System 2023 Tab on the home page.
  3. The Item the Bank System page 2023, click the “Login Portal” link.
  4. Log in using your user name and password in order to sign into the system.

How to Download PEC Item Bank System 2023 Login Portal?

For downloading this version of the PEC Item Bank 2023 system, customers need to comply with these instructions:

  1. Go to the official site of the Punjab Examination Commission at
  2. Click on the ‘Item bank System 2023 Tab on the home page.
  3. The Item Bank System page 2023, click the button ‘Download.
  4. The download will begin immediately.

PEC Item Bank System 2023 Download Papers with Key

Punjab Examination Commission has uploaded all subject papers to the Punjab Examination Commission Item Bank portal. Teachers are able to download English mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Islamiat, Computer Science and Geography papers using the Item Bank. Additionally, PEC also offers solution keys for papers, to help teachers.

SR District – ضلع ZONE-1-URL
1 ATTOCK -اٹک Click Here
2 BAHAWALNAGAR -بہاولنگر Click Here
3 BAHAWALPUR -بہاولپور Click Here
4 CHAKWAL -چکوال Click Here
5 GUJRANWALA -گجرانوالہ Click Here
6 GUJRAT -گجرات Click Here
7 HAFIZABAD -حافظ آباد Click Here
8 JHELUM -جہلم Click Here
9 KHANEWAL -خانیوال Click Here
10 LODHRAN -لودھراں Click Here
11 MANDI BAHA UD DIN -منڈی بہاوالدین Click Here
12 MULTAN -ملتان Click Here
13 NAROWAL -ناروال Click Here
14 RAHIMYAR KHAN -رحیم یار خان Click Here
15 RAWALPINDI -راولپنڈی Click Here
16 SIALKOT -سیالکوٹ Click Here
17 VEHARI -ویہاڑی Click Here

PEC Item Bank System Login Paper Download PDF

The papers are accessible in PDF format through the PEC. The papers for all subjects are available for download from this official website in the format of PDF. This article will show you how to sign in to the platform’s official website. It is now possible to register to attend an online session. You’re in the right place if searching for PEC Papers. PEC Item bank System Login Zone 1 2023 Papers Download PDF. PEC Assessment Zone 1. Log in to gain access to the answers. Follow the link below. PEC Punjabi item Bank uploaded the papers of grades 1-8 for the annual exam.

District ضلع ZONE-2
BHAKKAR بھکر Click Here
CHINIOT چنیوٹ Click Here
D.G. KHAN ڈیرہ غازی خان Click Here
FAISALABAD فیصل آباد Click Here
JHANG جھنگ Click Here
KASUR قصور Click Here
KHUSHAB خوشاب Click Here
LAHORE لاہور Click Here
LAYYAH لیہ Click Here
MIANWALI میانوالی Click Here
MUZAFFARGARH مظفر گڑھ Click Here
NANKANA SAHIB ننکانہ صاحب Click Here
OKARA اوکاڑہ Click Here
PAKPATTAN پاک پتن Click Here
RAJANPUR راجن پور Click Here
SAHIWAL ساہیوال Click Here
SARGODHA سرگودھا Click Here
SHEIKHUPURA شیخوپورہ Click Here
T.T.SINGH ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ Click Here Login 2023

Elementary and primary school teachers are likely to find this article beneficial. They will be able gain access to directly to the PEC Item Banking system through. Log into the PEC ItemBank System Account to download papers for the 6th, 5th 7th, and 8th grade exams for the year 2023. Schools affiliated with PEC in Punjab are required to obtain SBA papers through the login on the Item Bank Portal. Papers can be made model until 20 March 2023.

PEC Item Bank 2023 Paper with Key Class 8

Students from grades 1 to 8 will be taking tests in grades 1 through 8. They will take the SBA school Based Assessment, which will be administered by PEC. Students in first and second, third and fourth grades, as well as fifth and sixth grades, as well as seventh and eighth grade will take their annual exams. The issue that is affecting PEC Item Bank PEC Item Bank has to be addressed.

Due to this, PEC has divided Punjab into two sections called zones 1 and 2. Zone 1 and 2. PEC Login to the Item Bank system 2023 is unique in each area. The site is for PEC Item Bank System is only accessible to school personnel.

SBA PEC Login 2023

The PEC also employs assessments that are conducted by schools that are commonly employed in Punjabi schools for exams. This article can help students who are having difficulty understanding the process of login. This article will give you all the necessary information regarding PEC access to items as well as bank logins. According to the Punjab Examination Commission states that the SBA method can be utilized for passing exams at Punjabi schools. Its Punjab Education Commission PEC Item Bank Keys along with PEC Item Bank 2023 offer access to the online content for no cost.

182.176 19.135 Item Bank

You’ll require the PEC Account password to sign in into your PEC System for Item Banking. PEC’s helpline is accessible if you’ve lost you’ve forgotten your PEC Item Bank password. You won’t be able to login to PEC’s PEC Item Bank system if entering the incorrect password. To access your account, ensure that you use your correct password.

This will permit you to access large-scale assessments as well as PEC results. Students can also get access to PEC Item Bank for Zone 2 through our website portal. This is the way to access your Punjab Examination Commission School-Based Assessment papers, answer keys as well as answer sheet.

School-Based Assessment 2023 Grade 1 to 8 With Answers PDF

Our article is extremely helpful and beneficial for primary and elementary teachers. Follow these steps to make it simple to download SBP Papers online for Grades 1-8. You will have immediate access to PEC Items Bank System. Simply click the URL from your web browser. Use online Login to access PEC item Bank System Graduation 1-8 per item Bank 2023 Papers PDF Students as well as teachers can access each paper on The dashboard area.

Large Scale Assessment PEC

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is an autonomous organization by the Government of Punjab to assess and evaluate students’ academic achievement, specifically in grades 5 and 8. PEC began operations in 2005, and in 2006 it held the 5th grade exam to the very first time within Punjab. In the present, PEC has become a legal organization that is governed by the Punjab Examination Commission Act XI of 2010.

Punjab Examination Commission Contact Detail

  • Address: Near Directorate of Staff Development, Link Wahdat Road, Near Pilot Boys High School Lahore.
  • Phone: 042-99260153
  • Email: [email protected]


How does the PEC Item Bank System 2023 improve the assessment process?

The system is able to digitize evaluation processes, offering an efficient and standardized method for evaluating students, removing mistakes and mistakes.

Which subjects does the PEC Item Bank System 2023 cover?

The system encompasses all subjects, including Urdu, English, Mathematics Science, Urdu, and Social Studies and is applicable to all grades.

Can teachers and administrators access detailed analytics and reports?

The system offers precise analytics and reports which allow teachers and administrators to evaluate student performance and find areas of improvement.

How can users access the PEC Item Bank System 2023?

Users can log in to the system via their official site of Punjab Examination Commission, clicking on the “Item Bank System 2023′ tab on the homepage, then login to the system with the username they have chosen and their password.


In the end it is clear that this PEC Item Bank System 2023 is a major advancement in the area of education within Punjab, Pakistan. It has a number of key characteristics, such as a complete assessment framework, a large inventory bank with adaptive assessments, reports and analytics as well as an intuitive interface. The system simplifies the assessment process by providing an efficient and standardized method for evaluating students, removing errors and errors. The system is accessible to users by visiting the official site for the Punjab Examination Commission and logging in using the username they have chosen and their password.