Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023 Download By CNIC

Are you an Pakistani Railway employee and wondering what to do to get your pays slips for 2023? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we’ll guide you through the process of downloading your Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023 using CNIC as well as your name, in a couple of simple steps.

You can check your pay stubs and salary details to Pakistan Railway employees by clicking the link. This page will provide all the information you need about the specifics of pay scales that are expected to be employed which will be part of the Pakistan Railway Salary Package in 2023, and also within Pakistan railway pay scales. Learn more about the details and complete details about Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023 Benefits on this page.

Pakistan Railway is one of the largest employers in Pakistan which has thousands of employees throughout the nation. The company has adopted technology to make their operations more efficient, such as the ability to send pay slips that are online. It has also made it simpler for employees to get their pay slips without needing to go to the payroll department physically.

Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023

Before we get into the specifics of the process of downloading your pay slip, we must first know the meaning behind it. Pay slips are the document that details the employee’s earnings over an exact time period, typically one month. It reveals the total salary as well as deductions and the net salary that is paid an employee.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration 2023

The Pak Payroll slips can be obtained for no cost. If you want to request PIFRA payslips, you need to complete your Online registration forms. At first you’ll have to take a look at the PIFRA pay Stub registration form. In order to receive your pay stub via email or Gmail it’s necessary to complete the registration procedure. Download the file in PDF format to print the pay slip.

Station Master Salary In Pakistan

We’ll supply you with the complete list of these pay scales, as well as the departments working within this Pakistan Railway department line. Gate man is a position for the Pak Railway and it has the pay scale BPS-02. The minimum salary for the position of gateman is 9310 rupees, while gateman officers earn the maximum base salary of 19210. The increase to gateman employees is Rs 333. This is the most current increase that is given by gateman officer.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Online Apply

Incentives, allowances, dedications, and perks are all included on the form of pay and salary. The wage slip will be placed next to each job title. Where can I get the pay slips of railway workers? Click here to download the Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023. Find all the information at the Payroll Pifra Slip Registration Website here. Find out how you can send you your Pifra Salary Slip to be delivered by post to your address. Information regarding Benefits Allowances that they receive can be found here.

Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023 Download By CNIC

Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023

How to Download Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023?

For downloading your payment stub in 2023, you must follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Pakistan Railway Website

Start your browser on the internet and go to this page. Pakistan Railway official website at

Step 2: Go to the Employee Portal

When you are on the Pakistan Railway website, scroll down until the bottom and then select the “Employee Portal” link.

Step 3: Log in to the Employee Portal

To log into the portal for employees You will require the CNIC account number as well as password. Fill in the information in the appropriate fields, then click”Sign In” or the “Sign In” button.

Step 4: Select the Pay Slip Option

After you’ve logged in, select”Pay Slip” after logging in “Pay Slip” option on the menu.

Step 5: Select the Year and Month

Choose the year and month for which you would like to download your pay slip.

Step 6: Download Your Pay Slip

Then, click”Download” to download your pay slip “Download” button to download your pay slip.

App Pakrail.Gov.Pk Login

It is believed that the Sub Engineers linked with Pakistan railways operate on the scale BPS-11. Their minimum wage, as well as their highest pay, is 12570 – 38970. Pakistan Railway endeavours to run trains in accordance with the schedule. The forward-thinking freight train support business managed by an experienced and knowledgeable management team aims to provide reliable, cost-effective, efficient and competitive services that are top-quality for its customers.

It has been a great integration force which is the vitality of the nation through meeting the demands of the huge movement of people and goods. It is important to note that Cabinmen are paid the minimum wage for this year. The most recent year’s total is 11380. The maximum amount they can earn from their basic salary is 31480 rupees. The amount of 670 rupees represents their increase. Below, you’ll be able to have the time to read more regarding Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023.

Post Name Scale Salary
Sub Engineers  BPS-11  Rs 12570 to Rs 38970
Assistant Driver  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
ASI Officer  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
Railway Guards  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
Cabin Man  BPS-08  Rs 11380 to 31480
Pointsman  BPS-05  Rs 10260 to Rs 25260
Gateman  BPS-02  Rs 9310 to Rs 19210 online registration

This was made possible through this system, known as the PIFRA software, that permits employees to log in online. It is the Pakistan Railway department sends out salary slips on the internet. The system’s operation is controlled by Controller General of Accounts (CGA) as well as the Director’s Office General Manager MIS/FABS. Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS) is an integrated system for Financial Management Information. A boost to 730 Rupees is provided to ASI employees employed within the Pak Railway department.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Download By CNIC and Name

Scale and assistant driver follow. It will be part of the BPS-09 Scale, which talks on the subject of some of the Pakistan Railway Employee Benefits. The official minimum salary for assistant drivers could be determined at 11770 rupees. The salary per year for Pak Railway assistants is 33670 rupees. The amount of increments paid for gateman officers is equivalent to the amount of Rs 330. It is important to keep on your mind this as the latest increment available for gateman officer.

Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023

Employees of those working for the Pakistan Railways will get their online pay stubs in the form of emails or Gmail. On Android smartphones, workers are able to select to receive their pay statements. This scale BPS-11 is used by sub-engineers employed by Pakistan Railways. From 12570 until 38970, they get paid more or less limit of their salary. Pakistan Railway strives to operate trains according to schedules.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Download

Get the complete specifics and all the information about Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023 Benefits here. It’s an Pakistan Railway department comprised of various posts which are classified. We’ll give you the complete list of these basic pay scales as well as the departments that make up the Pakistan Railway department line. Gate man’s post is in the department of gateman on Pak Railway, and it is covered by the pay scale BPS-02.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Online Check

A lot of workers prefer to receive their pay bills electronically. Certain government agencies in Pakistan are able to view their pay statements online. The PIFRA system for employee registration online was created to make this easier. Pakistan Railway department dispatches salary slips via the internet.

Online Salary Slips for Pakistan Railway Employees 2023

A lot of employees prefer receiving their pay slips electronically. The average salary for this job ranges from Rs. 10260 to and an sum of 25,260 dollars. The majority of the government agencies across Pakistan can access their pay-rolls online. It is crucial to remember that this particular job known as Pointsman and officers’ increments are 500.

Contact Detail

  • Address: Pakistan Railways, Empress Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Phone: 042 99201738
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2023 FAQs

How often are Pakistan Railway pay slips generated?

Pay slips are created on an annual basis.

What should I do if I forget my employee portal password?

Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page for employees and follow the instructions.

Can I download my pay slip using my name? 

Yes, you are able to save your salary slip with your CNIC or your name.

What information is included in the Pakistan Railway pay slip? 

The pay slip contains information on your gross wage as well as deductions and the net amount.

What should I do if I have trouble downloading my pay slip?

Call to the Pakistan Railway payroll office for assistance.


The process of accessing your pay details is never easier because of access to the Pakistan Railway online employee portal. Following the instructions within this post, you will be able to download your pay slips for 2023 with CNIC or name with just a couple of clicks. If you have additional concerns, don’t hesitate contact the payroll office to get assistance.