Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Online Download By CNIC

If you’re employed by Pakistan Railways, you must know the significance of having a pay slip. It’s a document that includes all information regarding an employee’s monthly salary, deductions, and allowances. In the past, employees had to wait months to get their pay slips by mail. But, thanks to the advancement of technology, employees can access pay slips online. Here, we’ll go over the procedure of getting the Pak Rail to pay slip for 2023 using your CNIC.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023 Get the Salary Slip 2023 using CNIC No and name from this page. This page will find more details and complete information regarding Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023 Benefits. The decision of PIFRA that allows workers to sign up online was developed to ease this. The department that is in Pakistan Railway dispatches salary slips online. The slips are also accessible online. Pakistan Railway scale detailing is also available on this website. First, you must download and install your PIFRA Payment slip Form. Additionally, employees can check their pay stubs online at Pak The minimum wage for Cabinmen in the most recent and current year is 11380 rupees.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023

Pak Rail Pay Slip is an official document that is issued by Pakistan Railways to its employees. It is a detailed record of the salary of an employee’s allowances, deductions, and other allowances. Each month, pay slips are generated and given to employees.

Pay slips are the primary document employees need to maintain track of their earnings and other financial data. It is also used to prove income that must be presented when applying for a visa or loan and other applications.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip Download

To receive a pay slip every month, you must complete the online registration process through PIFRA. Online registration for Pakistani salary/pay slips has no deadlines. If you register online, you’ll need to submit the following information. The pay rates and the departments in that Pakistan Railway department will be fully divulged to you.

App login

Pay stubs for employees can be downloaded online without cost, thanks to an innovative decision taken by the department responsible for the. Pak rail. gov. Payslips for Pakistan are accessible for free. Below, take the time to read more regarding Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023. You must fill out the online application to get the PIFRA Pay stub for your wages.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Online Download By CNIC

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023

PAK Railway Pay Slip Download PDF

Pakistan Railways provide an essential transport option for the most remote regions within the state. They also bring people closer to business and tourist destinations, and education. It is an important integration factor that is the nation’s vitality that meets the requirements of huge-scale movement of freight and passengers.

Downloading Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Online by CNIC

With the introduction of online services for employees, the workers at Pakistan Railways can now access their pay slips online. The procedure of downloading payslips is easy and takes only about a minute.

These are steps to access the Pak Rail Pay Slip for 2023 online using your CNIC.

Step 1: Go to the Pakistan Railways website

It is the first thing to go to the website for Pakistan Railways, which is

Step 2: Click on the Employee Information System

After you have accessed the site, please search for your Employee Information System and click on it. You will be taken to a different page.

Step 3. Enter your CNIC

On the next page, an application form will require you to input the CNIC number.

Step 4: Enter your password

Next, enter your password. You must sign up for a new account if you’re a new user. Click the “New User” or “New User” button.

Step 5: Click on the Payslip tab

After you have logged in, click After logging into the system, select the “Payslip” tab, and you will be presented with a dropdown menu. Choose “Pay Slip for the year 2023.”

Step 6: Download your Pay Slip

Then, click”Download Pay Slip” and then click on the “Download Pay Slip” button. The pay slip for 2023 will be saved to your mobile or desktop computer.

Railway Sub Engineer Salary

The employees from Pakistan Railways are paid well according to BPS and have an impressive benefits package. Many employees are eager to know the current month’s pay details.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 Apply Online

Pakistan Railway department comprised numerous grade-scale posts. To view the details of your Pakistan Railway Salary Slip for 2023, you must log in to the system with passwords for login. We’ll provide you with the entire list of pay scales and the list of salaries for the department on that Pakistan Railway department line. The PIFRA will permit employees to register online and is developing a system to make this easier. Pakistan Railway department dispatches salary slips online.

Sr.# Name of Post Pay Scale Salary
1. Sub Engineers  BPS-11  Rs 12570 to Rs 38970
2. Assistant Driver  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
3. ASI Officer  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
4. Railway Guards  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
5. Cabin Man  BPS-08  Rs 11380 to 31480
6. Points man  BPS-05  Rs 10260 to Rs 25260
7. Gate man  BPS-02  Rs 9310 to Rs 19210

Station Master Salary In Pakistan

Pay rates and other departments within departments within Pakistan Railway department will be fully disclosed to you. The BPS-02 gateman job at Pak Railway is salaried. If you’re a gatekeeper, you can anticipate receiving at least Rs 9310 monthly, while porters will be paid up to 19210. Gatekeepers are receiving an increase of Rs. 333. This is the latest pay rise that gatekeepers could anticipate receiving.

 Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023

Over the years, it has been an essential connection to the national infrastructure, facilitating the massive circulation of people and goods. Note that the minimum salary of Cabinmen is 11380 this year and for the prior year. The base salary could increase to 31480 rupees. The raise is around Rs 670. Learn the details about Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2023 by studying the details provided below.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023 by CNIC and Name Details

Through Pak,, employees can access the pay slips that they received. The department employs thousands of workers. They were employed in different roles inside departmental structures. Pakistan Railways department. Pakistan Railways department. In a first-of-its-kind move made by the department’s chief, employees can now access their pay stubs at no cost through the internet. online registration

It was made possible through PIFRA. PIFRA software permits employees to sign up online. It is because the Pakistan Railway department sends out salary slips on the internet. The Controller General of Accounts (CGA) and the General Office Director MIS / FABS manage the system’s operation. Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS) is a system that integrates with financial Management Information. A bonus of 730 Rupees is provided to ASI officials who work within the Pak Railway department.

Online Salary Slips for Pakistan Railway Employees 2023

Many employees prefer receiving their pay cheques electronically. The average salary for this job ranges from Rs. 10260 to 25260-rupee amount. Most state-run agencies within Pakistan can now view their payrolls online. It is essential to know the specific post, Points man, and officers’ increments for the placement are Rs 500.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2023 online check

A lot of workers prefer to receive their pay records electronically. Certain government agencies in Pakistan can access their pay statements online. The PIFRA system that allows employee registration online was created to make this easier. Pakistan Railway department dispatches salary slips online.

 Pakistan Railway Contact Detail

  • Phone No: 042-99201941
  • Railway Auto Dial: 042-2872
  • Fax: 042-99201961
  • Email: [email protected]


Can I access my Pak Rail Pay Slip from any device?

Yes, you can view your pay slip on any device connected to an internet connection.

How can I reset my password if I forget it?

You can change your password by pressing the “Forgot Password” button and following the directions.

What can I do to check the salary of my railway workers?  

Code of conduct of employees of the government

  • Full name and address of the employee
  • CNIC Number (Old CNIC will not be counted)
  • Birth date
  • The employee’s cell number
  • Use only your Gmail account to sign up.
  • Personal Number

Is it necessary to have a CNIC to download my Pak Rail Pay Slip?

Yes, you can, but a CNIC must download the pay slip online.

How Can I Get Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023?  

Visit the official website and click here.

  • Input the number to be a registered official.
  • The full name of the employee
  • CNIC numbers (Old CNIC will not be counted)
  • Include the year as well as the date of birth.
  • Enter the number for the mobile phone number of your employee.
  • Use only Gmail as your Gmail account for signing into
  • .Enter your number and click on the “Submit” button