NITB Result Batch 18, 19, 20, 21 2023 Waiting List Check Online

Are you waiting with anticipation for your NITB result for batches 18 19, 20 and 21 for 2023? There’s no need to be waiting any longer! National Information Technology Board (NITB) has revealed that the results of the current batch are available on the internet for students to view. This article will provide you with instructions on how to view your results online, and also provide the most important information regarding the NITB Result Batch 18,19,20,21 on this page.

National Information Technology Board Islamabad NITB Batch 19 Results 2023 is available on the official site Candidates who took part in this test and are waiting for the result. We are happy to inform you that Basic IT Result for NITB Basic and waiting list for batch 18 19 20-21 List of candidates waiting for the BIT exam, BATCH-19 and List of Candidates who are Valid for Batch-19, as well as the List of Valid Candidates in Batch 19 will be released here. The results for Retake 16 and Batch 17 Retake-16 and Batch-17 announced the results from Batch-18 as well as Batch-19 are anticipated by April 2023. NITB Results Batch 18 , 19 can be checked here. Basic IT Results of the waiting list for Batch Download here.

What is NITB?

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is a government-run agency in Pakistan which oversees and regulates the sector of information technology in the country. (IT) industry. NITB offers a variety of training and certifications for IT such as certificates, diplomas, or short programs. Additionally, the board conducts examinations to assess the performance of students and awards certifications according to their performance.

NITB Result Batch 18, 19, 20, 21 2023 Check Online

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) has released the results of the NITB Results Batch 18 19, 20 and 21 2023. applicants who were part of the three batches can view their results online on its official web site. The NITB exam is a very competitive test, and those who pass the test are believed to have the skills required to excel in the area of Information Technology. and NITB 2022 Result Batch 14, 15 , 16 17-18 result is available for download here. Results 2023

We’ve provided an instant access to view results without any difficulty. NITB results Batch 2023 will be able to be viewed on this page. National Information Technology Board NITB Results 2023 have been released for batches 16, 17 and 16. Review and download the NITB results. We’ve talked to the officials from NITB They are working to release results online within few days.

NITB Result Batch 18, 19, 20, 21 2023 Waiting List Check Online

NITB Result Batch 18, 19, 20, 21 2023

NITB Result Batch 19

NITB Results of NITB Batch 19 is scheduled to be announced in the near future here. This page is updated often. This page is to stay updated with the latest news. If you have any questions about our services, you can reach us using the comments on this page.

NITB Result Batch 19 2023
Result of Batch-18 Check Online
Result of Batch-19 Check Online

NITB Exam waiting list

Participants who took part in NITB exams can now download answer keys for the exam from this page. This will allow them to assess their results online before the official results announcement. Many applicants are unable to view their results on the official websites due to issues with the website. Candidates must input their roll number into the box below to verify their results using the provided box. We will notify you of your result in the prescribed the date you have chosen.

Basic IT Result of Retake 19

Candidates who pass the exam are believed to be highly competent in the area of Information Technology, as it is a highly competitive examination. NITB is aspires to improve people’s lives Pakistani citizens through the empowerment of digital technology by providing state-of-the-art Information Technology support to Federal Ministries and Divisions for improving their performance, quality and efficiency.

NITB Waiting List Batch 19 2023

Visit this website regularly to view NITB basic IT results and wait lists for batches 19 as well as batches 14-15, 16, and 17. Find the results for all National Information Technology Board Islamabad NITB results for 2023 are available on the the official site

NITB waiting list Batch 17

An announcement on the internet of NITB Results Batch 17-2023 is available at The National Information Technology Board announced online the results of batches 14, 15, 16 and 17. Candidates who completed the NITB examinations in 2023 can see their scores on the internet.

NITB Waiting List Online Check

NITB waiting list online is accessible to candidates waiting to be added to the list. The board will list candidates who were selected for the next round of selection, but didn’t make it onto the selection lists on the wait list. It is open to view online through the official web site of the board.

NITB Result Batch Wise 2023

NITB Results Batch Wise 2023 was released by the officials. The results can be found on the official website of the board. the candidates can review their scores by batch. The NITB exam is a highly competitive test, and those who pass it are thought to have the skills required to succeed in the area of Information Technology.

SR NITB Result Batch Wise Action
1. Basic IT Result of Batch-13.5 Check Online
2. Result Batch-9 Check Online
3. Batch 13 CPL1-3 – RL Result Check Online
4. Result of Batch 13 Check Online
5. Basic IT Result of Batch 12 Latest Check Online
6. The result for Batch Batch-11(1658 applicants) Check Online
7. Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5-Latest Check Online
8. The result from Batch Latest Batch-10.5 (444 applicants) Check Online
9. Result Batch-8-5 (Retake-5) Check Online
10. Basic IT result from Batch-10 (Module 3) Check Online
11. Result Batch-8 Check Online
12. Basic IT result from Batch-10 (Module 6) Check Online
13. Result in Batch-7.5 Check Online
14. BIT Result of Batch-8.5 Check Online
15. Result Batch-7 Check Online
16. Basic IT Result of Batch-9.5 and Retake-6 Check Online
17. Result Batch-5-Module 3 Check Online

NITB Result List Check by Roll No, CNIC And Name

Students can search their names and roll numbers to see their marks. Find the NITB results 2023 batch 13 as well as batch 14. To view results for your NITB Results online input the number of your roll. Candidates who applied for nomination for basic IT Training Course via the NITB can check their results on the internet. Basic IT Training tests are administered by the NITB. Basic IT Training tests are conducted through the NITB.

Examine and confirm NITB 14 batch results with the help of roll code, CNIC, name and student ID. To check the list of results, just click on the link below to see the list. The list that is created from the batch result (14/15) which includes students’ roll numbers, CNIC, and the applicant’s name on the application. Look up your Roll number, CNIC, and student name, then verify that the student’s status (Fail/Pass). In the event of a failure or absence, it does not require appeal. They will contact you automatically to ask you to take the test again.

How to Check NITB Result Batch 2023 Online?

Examining your NITB results for batches 18, 19, 20 and 21 for 2023 is easy. Follow these steps to verify your results online:

  • Check out on the NITB Official website:
  • Click on the “Results” tab on the home page.
  • Choose the batch you would like to examine the results.
  • Input your Roll number, as well as other details that are required.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Your results will be displayed in the display.
  • Save or print a copy of your results to use for reference later on.

NITB Result Announcement Date

The NITB has publicly announced the date of the results for the batches 18, 19 21, and 20 for 2023. As per the official announcement the results are available online. Students can access them using the steps mentioned above.

Importance of NITB Result

The NITB result is crucial for students who have been enrolled in the various IT programs and certificates offered through the Board. The outcome gives students an accurate picture of their abilities and also helps to identify what they are good at and where they can improve. The students can use the information to determine areas that require improvement and improve these areas accordingly.

How to Improve NITB Result?

If you were not performing very well on the NITB results for batches 18, 19, 20 21 and 18 for 2023, don’t fret. There are many methods to improve your results and improve your performance in the near future. Here are some ideas that can assist:

  • Regularly practice
  • Know the concepts well
  • Make sure you focus on the weaker regions.
  • Test yourself with mock tests.
  • Revise regularly
  • Get assistance from your instructors

NITB Contact Detail

  • Website:
  • PH: (051) 9265058
  • Email: emailinfo@Nitb.Gov.Pk
  • Address: No. 24_B, Street 6, Sector H-9/1 H 9/1 H-9, Islamabad


Can I check my NITB result for batches 18, 19, 20, and 21 for the year 2023 online?

Yes, you are able to check your NITB result online through this official web page on

What details are mentioned in the NITB result for batches 18, 19, 20, and 21 for the year 2023?

The NITB report contains information including the student’s name as well as the roll number and batch number, as well as the scores, percentage and the grade.

What if I did not perform well in the NITB result?

If you didn’t do very well on your NITB test, you don’t need to fret. You can enhance your score by practicing regularly, seeking out help from your instructors and concentrate on your weaker areas.

Can I get a certification from NITB?

Yes,NITB offers various certifications in IT that include certificates, diplomas or short course. You can sign up for these courses and earn an award in accordance with your performance.

Is NITB a government agency in Pakistan?

It is, indeed. NITB is one of the agencies in Pakistan that regulates and supervises the sector of information technology in the country. (IT) segment.


Examining your NITB results for batches 18, 19, 20 21 and 19 for 2023 is a straightforward procedure that is done online. The results contain vital details that all students should be aware of, like the marks they earned, their percentages, and grades. If you didn’t do very well in the NITB results, don’t be concerned you can find a variety of methods to increase your score. Continue to practice, seek advice from your teachers and concentrate on your weaker areas and you’ll surely notice improvements in your performance.