Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023 Merit List PDF Download Online

If you recently took part to an exam for the Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) tests for recruitment and are impatiently waiting for the results. This Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023 Merit List is a vital document that will determine the success of your application. It can also be a step towards your professional goals within Security forces. In this article, we’ll provide readers with the details you require regarding this Frontier Corps KPK FC Result as well as how to verify the results online and download the merit list in PDF format and examine the results.

Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FC KPK results 2023 merit list South North and South North is accessible here. Candidates who took part in the FC KPK jobs test are currently waiting for the results of the test along with the answers. The candidates are advised that the result for HQFC KP North has been released. Enter the roll number of your choice to view FC KPK result 2023 online on this page. Candidates can also view Results 2023 online on FC the official site. Following the announcement of the results the candidates will be able to see FC KPK merit list, the list of candidates who were selected, the candidate list of those who were not accepted and merit list 2023.

فرنٹیئر کور ایف سی کے پی کے (شمالی) نتائج 2023 اور میرٹ کی فہرست یہاں دستیاب ہے۔ امیدوار جنہوں نے ایف سی خیبر پختوننہوا جابس 2023 کے لئے درخواست کے عمل میں آن لائن درخواستیں جمع کروائیں 2023 میں جوابی چادروں کے ساتھ اپنے نتائج کا انتظار کر رہے ہیں۔ آن لائن ایف سی کے پی کے نتائج کی توثیق کرنے کے لئے اپنا نام یا رول نمبر درج کریں۔ امیدواروں کو اس حقیقت کے بارے میں مشورہ دیا جاتا ہے کہ ایف سی کے پی کے میرٹ لسٹ ، منتخب امیدواروں کی فہرست ، ویٹنگ لسٹ ، اور حتمی منتخب امیدواروں کی فہرست اس صفحے پر دستیاب ہے ، جس پر آپ آن لائن رسائی حاصل کرسکتے ہیں یا یہاں ڈاؤن لوڈ کرسکتے ہیں۔ یہ تجویز کی جاتی ہے کہ امیدوار اس صفحے کو مستقل بنیاد پر چیک کریں تاکہ فرنٹیئر کور کے پی ایف سی کے نتائج 2023 میرٹ لسٹ سے متعلق تازہ ترین معلومات حاصل کی جاسکیں ، منتخب امیدوار محفوظ نشستوں کے لئے میرٹ کی فہرست کو غیر فعال کوٹہ میرٹ لسٹ اور منتخب امیدواروں کی فہرست کی فہرست بنائیں۔

Frontier Corps south KPK Result 2023

Advertisements for recruitment for General Duty Sepoy NCs(E) works, and more trades have been posted. Visit for more details.

Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently conducted a test of written for various jobs announced. Many thousands of applicants from across the KP province took part in the written test. Candidates who took part in the FC job written test and are waiting for answers will be pleased to know that we’ve uploaded the FC KPK exam answer sheet 2023 to this site. Take your guess based on the answer keys on this page prior to the final results.

FC KPK North Result 2023

Candidates are encouraged to check this page on a frequent basis to obtain the most current information regarding Frontier Corps KP FC result 2023’s merit lists, chosen candidates’ list, the reserved seat merit list with disabled the merit lists for quotas, as well as the list of candidates who were selected.

Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023 Merit List PDF Download Online

Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023

Frontier Corps kpk FC Result 2023 pdf Download

In addition to checking the results online, applicants may also get their Frontier Corps KPK FC Result Merit List in the format of PDF for their convenience. The merit list offers an extensive overview of candidates who have passed the tests for recruitment and are now eligible for further selection processes. For downloading the merit lists in pdf format, applicants should follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official site to find the official website
  • Check for you can find “Results” or “Merit List” section on the home page of the website.
  • Click on the appropriate link to access details on Frontier Corps KPK FC Result Merit List 2023.
  • A merit-list will then be shown in PDF format.
  • Click the “Download” button or right-click on the PDF file and choose “Save As” to save the merit list to your device.
  • It is possible to download the PDF file by using a PDF.

اس ویب سائٹ میں 2023 کے لئے فرنٹیئر کور خیبر پختوننہوا ایف سی کے پی کے کے نتائج کے بارے میں معلومات موجود ہیں۔ ایف سی کے پی کے جاب ٹیسٹ میں حصہ لینے والے امیدوار اپنے جوابات اور نتائج کے منتظر ہیں۔ HQFC کے پی شمال کے نتائج کو عام کیا گیا ہے ، لہذا امیدواروں کو آگاہ ہونا چاہئے۔ ایف سی کے پی کے نتائج 2023 کے نتائج دیکھنے کے ل You آپ اپنا رول نمبر یہاں داخل کرسکتے ہیں۔ ایف سی کی ویب سائٹ پر ، درخواست دہندگان 2023 کے لئے فرنٹیئرکورپسکپک ڈاٹ کام کے نتائج کے نتائج بھی چیک کرسکتے ہیں۔ کے پی کے میرٹ کی فہرست ، منتخب کردہ امیدواروں کی فہرست اور امیدواروں کی فہرست مسترد کردی گئی اور ساتھ ہی 2023 کے لئے مجموعی طور پر میرٹ کی درجہ بندی بھی۔

Frontier Corps FC KPK

Border Guard KP is strategically stationed across northwestern Afghanistan border that covers a vast region of around 1,300 kilometers. Starting from Broghill Pass, located in north, to the Gomal River in the south This is the first reaction to any kind of natural disaster or terrorism. FC KPK gave the Northern Army the power to enforce law and order along the border area.

Soldier Check Result
 Steno Typist Check Result
Soldier Clerk Check Result
EME Engineer Check Result
Nursing Check Result
Overseer Check Result
GD Check Result
Naib Khatib Check Result
Draftsman Check Result
Electrician Check Result
Veterinary Compounder Check Result
Switch Board Attendant Check Result
AT Sipahi Check Result
Malachi Sipahi / Cook Sipahi Check Result
 Wireman Check Result
Pump Driver Check Result
Lineman Check Result
Carpenter Check Result
Mason Check Result
Plumber Check Result
Painter Check Result
Black Smith Check Result
Valdemar Check Result
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Candidates who took the exam are waiting for the results 2023 which is expected to be announced within the next week. All candidates should keep on top of this page to get the most up-to-date information regarding FC Results.

So , don’t search to search for Frontier Corps KPK Result 2023 Merit List On any other website. Since on this site, you can check your results online. If you’d like to view the result on the official website you can do that. you can access it on the website. To check the result on this official web site, will need go to and then select the results section. You can also look up the list of candidates who have been selected from the same website. Make sure to check your results today.

Announced Date Frontier Corps Jobs Written Test Results 2023

FC KPK is the person who is on standby for any kind of psychological warfare or normal catastrophe starting from Broghil Pass in the North to Gomal River in the south. Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023. Candidates must fill in their roll numbers in accordance with the move number slip for the segment they are in to view FC outcomes on the internet. FC KPK occupations results will be published here between 10 and 15 days after the test.

Online check result 2023

Many candidates cannot see their results on the official website When they are achieving their goals, internet obsessiveness may occur. The results of the written tests as well as interview dates for FC KPK upload from this website at the right time.

FC KPK result 2023 South Online Check
FC KPK result 2023 North Online Check

How to check Frontier Corps KPK FC Result online? 

It is the Frontier Corps KPK FC Result is typically announced through the website for the Frontier Corps KPK or the recruitment agency that conducts the examinations. To view the results on the internet, applicants can follow these steps:

  • Go to the official site of Frontier Corps KPK or the recruitment agency.
  • Check for look for “Results” or “Merit List” section on the home page of the website.
  • Click here to view information on the Frontier Corps KPK FC Result 2023.
  • Input your registration or roll numbers or other necessary information in the fields provided.
  • Send the data and wait for the response to be loaded.
  • The final result will appear at the top of the screen displaying your scores, rank as well as other pertinent information.
  • You can print and download the final result for reference in the future.

FC KPK Merit List 2023

Candidates will soon be able examine the FC results 2023 on this site. FC KPK has not provided an exact date the time that the results of the written exam will be released, therefore candidates must be patiently waiting for the announcement. You can check this page for FC KPK result 2023, the merit list, the candidates who were selected, as well as those rejected on this page.

Frontier Corps kpk Contact Number

  • Address: DHQ Frontier Corps, KPK, Peshawar. Phone: NA Website :NA. HQ Frontier Corps, KPK, Peshawar.
  • Phone No: 051-9206660
  • Official