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The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), a prestigious body that conducts civil service examinations in Pakistan, is a highly regarded organization. It recruits candidates for various government departments including police, customs and intelligence agencies. To apply for a job in the civil service, you must submit the FPSC Challan form 2023. We will show you how to fill out the FPSC Challan form 2023.

Do you need FPSC CSS Challan Form 2023 PDF? Below, you can download the FPSC CSS Challan Form 2023 in pdf. You can find the CSS Screening Test challan 2023 as well as the Challan for General Recruitment of FPSC here. You can download it as a pdf on this page.

What is the FPSC?

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), a constitutional body, is responsible for conducting competitive exams to recruit civil servants in Pakistan. The FPSC administers exams to various government departments such as the police and customs.

What is a FPSC Challan Form?

The FPSC Challan Form, which you must submit to the FPSC in order to pay the exam fees, is the document. The Challan Form includes details about the exam fee including the amount and bank account number. The exam fee must be deposited in the bank account designated and the Challan Form submitted to the FPSC to prove payment.

Important importance of FPSC Challan form 2023

You must submit the FPSC Challan Form along with your exam application. The Challan Form is essential to complete your exam application. Without it, your application won’t be accepted. It is important to fill out the Challan Form correctly and send it to the FPSC by the deadline.

Download the FPSC Job Application Form

Download Form

Fees for Federal Public Service Commission will vary depending upon the job. The receipt must be accompanied by the receipt to pay the FPSC Exam Feet at any NBP nearest. Below is the FPSC fee schedule for 2023. Below is a breakdown on the Federal Public Service Commission fees. FPSC charges testing fees based on the basic salary scale. Here is the fee schedule. Federal Public Service Commission issued Challan Formula’s Departmental Permission Certificate.

FPSC Challan Form 2023 PDF Download Online | www.fpsc.gov.pk

FPSC Challan Form 2023

Challan Form Download PDF

This declaration states that your work area does not have to be semi-autonomous. This is where you will find your FPSC DPC. Online applications don’t require you to upload your Challan. To use with the FPSC CSS Form, you can find the Federal Public Service Commission CSS Challan PDF below. You can also download the Challan as a pdf. The CSS Screening Test Challan is available below. You can download it in pdf format. To request your Challan, click the button below.

General form 2023 Download
Screening Test form 2023 Download

How to download FPSC Challan Form 2023?

On the official website www.fpsc.gov.pk, you can find the FPSC Challan Form 2203. To download the Challan form, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website for the FPSC.
  2. Click the “Download” tab.
  3. Choose “Challan Form”, from the dropdown menu.
  4. To save the Challan Form, click on the “Download” button.

Steps to fill the FPSC Challan form 2023

After downloading the FPSC Challan 2023, please follow these steps to complete it correctly:

  1. In the appropriate fields, fill in your name, dad’s name and CNIC number.
  2. Please enter the name of the bank in which you plan to deposit the exam fees.
  3. Enter the amount due for the exam in figures and words.
  4. Sign the Challan Form and write the date of payment.
  5. Complete the Challan Form, and deposit the exam fees in the bank account.
  6. As proof of payment, keep the Challan Form and the deposit slip.
  7. Send the original Challan Form along with your exam application to the FPSC.

Documents required for FPSC Challan Form 2023

These documents are required for filling out the FPSC Challan Form 223:

  1. Your CNIC
  2. Your passport size photograph
  3. Bank deposit slip
  4. A printer is needed to print the Challan Form as well as the deposit slip

FPSC Challan For Lecturer

You can find English translations of Federal Public Service Commission Challan manual here. You will need to also enter your first name. Next, create your post. Next, add your post. Your FPSC certificates are required to pass the time exam. Federal Public Service Commission supervisors will inspect the bank statement form before you are allowed into the center. The Challan can be accessed online by Federal Public Service Commission at www.fpsc.gov.pk

www fpsc gov pk Challan Form

To download the Federal Public Service Commission Challan form 2023 in PDF format, please follow this link. The Federal Public Service Commission Challan Form 2023 can be found in three parts. One copy is for applicants and one for the FPS. Another version is for banks. You must pay in person at a branch of the National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan. Jazz Cash and Easypaisa are not acceptable methods for payment online.

Online Challan Form

Online access to the challan form is available from Federal Public Service Commission via www.fpsc.gov.pk The Federal Public Service Commission challan forms are available for free in PDF format. Fill out an online Federal Public Service Commission form to get your challan and then print it. Online applications do not require you to upload a copy of the challan form. The challan receipt number, bank name and branch code, as well as the tehsil names, will be required. You do not have to send any documents to the postal address of FPSC.

CSS Challan Form 2023 PDF Download

Federal Public Service Commission will conduct the MCQs Based MPT Screening Test. The Challan Form will be submitted by all candidates who wish to take part in the MPT Exams. Register for the CSS MPT Exam now. The CSS MPT Challan form 250/-PKR will be submitted by interested candidates. The complete article contains all the details about CSS Challan Form. Let’s start by creating an original file of CSS MPT Challan form 2023-23.

MPT Screening Test Bank Challan Form 2023

Download the challan application form and complete it. Then, drop it off at the nearest National Bank of Pakistan branch or State Bank branch. This FPSC Test MPT Challan Form is available for download. You must enter your name only. Other details like Bank Branch, Case No. Other details such as Bank Branch, Case No.

FPSC Challan Form For Vice Principal

The FPSC application must include a challan form for vice principals. You can download the FPSC challan form.

You must send the challan form to the following address

  • Federal Public Service Commission
  • FPSC Challan Form For Vice Principal
  • Agreement Section, 4th Floor, Block-E, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad

FPSC Challan For Private Secretary

Assistant private secretary is a demanding and highly responsible job that requires great skill and experience. Download the FPSC challan for assistant private secretary from the Federal Public Service Commission’s official website.

Assistant private secretary provides administrative and secretarial support to senior management. They must maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion and tact. As they interact with customers and clients on a daily basis, they must have exceptional communication skills.

FPSC Challan Form MPT 2023

Federal Public Service Commission has published the schedule for submissions of examination fee challan forms for MPT-2023. The deadline for submission of the examination fee challan forms 2023.

Download the FPSC Challan Form from www.fpsc.gov.pk The application form costs Rs. 300/- can be paid online or in person at any branch of Habib Bank Limited.

FPSC Contact Detail

  • UAN   : 051-111-000-248
  • FAX     : 051-9203410
  • Email    : [email protected]
  • Official Website: www.fpsc.gov.pk
  • Address : FPSC HQs, Aga Khan Road, Sector F-5/1, Islamabad

FAQs regarding FPSC Challan Formula

Can I submit the Challan Form without paying the exam fee?

You do not need to pay the exam fee at the bank.

Can I pay the exam fee online?

The exam fee cannot be paid by cash deposit or bank draft.

Can I submit the Challan Form after the deadline?

The Challan Form must not be submitted after the deadline. Late submissions are not accepted.

What is the exam fee for the FPSC?

Exam fees vary depending on which exam you take. For the most current exam fee, please visit the FPSC website.

Can I submit the Challan Form by email?

The Challan Form must not be sent by mail or in person.


When applying for a civil service exam, Pakistan, the FPSC Challan Form will be required. It is crucial to fill out the Challan Form correctly and submit it by the deadline. Follow the steps in this article to download, fill out, and submit the FPSC Challan form.

For additional assistance or questions about the FPSC Challan Form please visit the official website (www.fpsc.gov.pk).