AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip 2023 Download By Name

You are a pupil who is preparing to take the AJK PSC exam in 2023? Are you concerned about getting an official roll number slip in time? No worries as this year, the AJK PSC has made it easier for students to get the AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip on their computer. In this post, we’ll walk you through the procedure of downloading the AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip for the 2023 exam by name.

This page has the sheet with the roll numbers. If your name appears listed, it indicates that you are eligible to take the admission test. It is important to note that the AJKPSC Number slip will be issued to candidates who have passed the test. Number slip is only provided to those that have successfully passed both the test and Interview. Officials will give a notice about the admission test. You can check the list of candidates , exam date, time and location as well as the roll number slip and syllabus, as well as sample papers and the roll number slip. Download your copy of the AJKPSC Slip 2023 of Section Officers as well as SST here.


The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (AJK PSC) is a government-run organization with the responsibility of recruiting civil employees in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The commission conducts examinations for various positions , and is responsible for determining the most competent candidates for these positions.

AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023

Be aware that the roll number slips have been handed out to students. The official website provides an access list to applicants as well as roll numbers. Anyone can get access to their AJKPSC list of applicants on this page. Azad The Jammu and The Kashmir Public Service Commission conducts the test for entrance for all vacant post. After entering the CNIC number, the applicant is able to access his or her Role No Slips with all information and the test centre on the web. Anyone who is anticipating the release of an AJKPSC roll number in 2023.

AJKPSC Assistant Commissioner Roll No Slip 2023

This AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Exam Date Syllabus includes all of the essential areas that are included in the test. The document was prepared by the professionals at AJK PSC to help you achieve the highest marks and pass the test. It’s packed with details that will assist you in understanding the various questions and the best way to answer the questions. Go through it now and prepare for the next phase of your career.

AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip 2023 Download By Name

AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip 2023

AJK PSC Roll Number Slip Assistant Director

This AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus an official document that includes essential information regarding the test, like the time, date and the location. If you’re contemplating taking your test this file is vital to have. This document AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus can be downloaded in PDF format, and is available to download at no cost. If you’re searching for the most up-to-date information on the exam be sure to download the file now.

Forest Ranger AJK PSC Roll Number Slip

Are you getting ready in advance for AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date? If yes, you’ll want to look over the AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus. The document contains all the details you require to understand about the exam and what you can anticipate. From the kinds of tests to time limits, the syllabus contains everything. Make sure you download it now and get ready to be successful!

Why is the Roll Number Slip Important?

A roll number slip can be an essential document which allows candidates to participate on the examination. If the slip is not present candidates will not be able to sit for an examination. It is therefore essential to ensure that candidates get their roll number slip at the right time and store it in a safe place until the date of the test.

Latest AJKPSC Roll No Slip 2023 for Section Officer

Exam candidates should be provided with roll number slips before May, based on reliable sources. Go to the AJKPSC website to discover the procedure to obtain the slip that identifies your specific roll. Students and candidates alike will find all the necessary information at one spot. Test takers should carry the Roll No slips with them to the exam center in accordance with the directions of the department responsible for the exam.

 www.ajkpsc.gov.pk roll no slip

It is essential to inform the department if you notice any errors due to reason that the Roll Number slip is required to confirm who is the test taker. Candidates whose personal details do not match that in their identification cards might be denied entry to the examination. In addition, we provide details on the AJK roll number slip for 2023.

 Ajkpsc Roll No Slip 2023 Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission

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The ajkpsc has released a roll no slips for a variety of positions. Candidates who applied for positions, gather the roll slip then take part in the exam. If you are applying for a job, the management of the ajkpsc issue the roll slip to the address that you provide however, some applicants lose or forget the roll number slip. Click on the link and fill in the information required from this page.

AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Section Officer

AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus is an essential document for students who are getting ready to take taking the AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test. The document provides all essential information about the test, including the time, date, location, and many more. If you’re looking for details about the test, this is the document you require. If you’re hoping to be a participant in this AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Exam, then ensure that you read the entire syllabus attentively. It will assist you in understanding all the essential details of the test and improve the chances of passing.

How To Download AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip?

The first step is to first go to the Link provided below. Select your post and the quota for the District. You can enter your CNIC Number. in the box shown. After entering your CNIC you will see in the box shown “List of qualified aspirants”. Then, locate your name on the list and record the date and time of the test. Print this page as the Roll No. Slip. Officials will send an announcement about the admission exam.

AJKPSC Roll No Slips 2023 Download Online by Test Dates

This means that you’re in the right spot to download admit card for AJKPSC. In this article I’ll explain the method to download AJKPSC Roll No . Slips for 2023. To download the roll number slip online you must follow the steps listed below. In most cases, you’ll need the name of the applicant or CNIC roll number. 

SR Title Action
1. AJKPSC Roll Number Slip by Name Download
2. Roll Number Slip by CNIC Download
3. Roll Number Slip by Post Download
4. Test Date & Schedule Download
5. Test Preparation Books Download
6. AJKPSC Test Past Papers Download

AJKPSC Roll Number Slip 2023 SST General

If you’re looking for information about the AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus then you’re in the right spot. Here at Examgenie we have the most recent and current AJK PSC Roll Number Slip 2023 Test Date Syllabus. We also provide a assortment of other exam material that include studies guides, practice tests and much more. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring student studying for your next test or an employer trying to recruit the most qualified applicants, Examgenie has what you require.

 www.ajkpsc.gov.pk Roll No Slip

Ajk PSC has announced the roll no slip, and it has begun the exam due to the pandemic that was causing it, the roll no slips were shut down. But now, everything is under control, and this company has cancelled some tests. Candidates are expected to download their roll slips again, and the latest schedule for the test will be announced. However they will announce the schedule a few days prior to the date for the test. They will send the roll no slip by different courier services, however those who live in rural areas, where the accessibility of couriers isn’t always straightforward. Therefore, all applicants who reside in rural areas can download their roll no slip on this page.

AJKPSC Test Roll No Slip 2023 Download Online By Name

The candidate is invited to apply for admissions or positions advertised and waits until the next phase of test which will be written. This means you’re competent to sit for an admissions test when your name is on first on the list.AJKPSC Test Roll 2023 online download by using name as well as CNIC here. Here, we’ll provide AJKPSC test times and dates, the AJKPSC list of candidates who are eligible for the test, AJKPSC Test Schedule, AJKPSC Online Roll No Slip, and AJKPSC Call Letters. You can find them on this page.

 How To Check Candidate list 2023 of AJKPSC

Please be aware this slip with the number was distributed to the candidates through post. You can only look up the list of candidates along with the Roll Number on official websites.

  • Click here to go to the link.
  • Choose your post’s name.
  • Select your district name.
  • Click Next to continue.

If your name is on the list it means you’re eligible to take the entrance test. You will receive a notification from the authorities for the test.

 AJKPSC Test Roll No Slip 2023 Download Online By Name & CNIC

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission, also referred to by its acronym the AJKPSC is an authorized department that is part of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government. It is accountable for the recruitment of city officials and bureaucrats. Furthermore to that, the Ajk Public Service Commission has been in operation for quite a while and when the department announces job openings, Ajkpsc will review applications and issue the roll slip that will be able to pass the entry test.

AJK PSC Online Roll Number Slip

AJK PSC Contact Detail

  • Address: Jalalabad, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
  • Phone: 05822- 920203
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.ajkpsc.gov.pk